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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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^Well make that a statue credit.


If you haven't seen my statue credit hunt on the midwest trip you really need to!


(shameless plug)




so much better than the run-of-the-mill coaster shots you've seen hundreds of times before!


Terry "no statue is safe around me" Weaver

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Me posing with ALL of the luggage I used for the now-ended TPR Japan Tour 2007. This was taken Tuesday night (18th) after returing home.


It can be done, even with bringing back souvenirs and "stuff" as can be seen in my Top Ten of Japan Tour List thread.


Believe it!



What can I say? I didn't think these bags would work - but they did!

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^ It was actually pretty easy, once I forced myself into this situation of "no bigger a bag than..." Took only so many t-shirts, bought a few along the way; stayed in shorts (of three pairs) since the weather was so warm and humid even in the evenings; socks and underwear were taken and thrown away accordingly, which allowed for easier souvenir packing... and my own pair of Blundtstones shoes, with a pair of foam rubber clogs ('Holey Soles' - Canadian version of Crocs) for hotel and short-distance wearing...


But - between you and me? I am definitely going for a larger bag for the TPR Euro-Tour next year! I mean, I did pull this other tour off, and even amassed a fairly huge quantity of souvenirs and $tuff (see my Top Ten List of the Japan Tour, in the boards).


But when I finally got over to Tokyo, (mostly) everybody else's bag(s) was obviously bigger than mine by a couple of cubic feet or more, LOLOL!


So - just a teensy bit bigger next year in the luggage, heh heh.


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