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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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me ;D



me and my friend Cherly...I is the one with the cool jacket


Bad day for Jorja


me and my 'lil sis...kinda blury


My best friend Marg, my 'lil sis and me!..we weird


My 'lil bro's Nicky and Raym


me with Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe on 24...a lot of people tell me that i look like her...


and she signed my 24 book


my tattoo...i have 1 on each arm...

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This is me! I guess this is my introduction to all you TPR people, I am Matt from England, I don't know how much input I am going to have but seeing as I am on here pretty much everyday I thought I might aswell sign up and join the fun!


My Sexy Drumyness!

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How I ended my thanksgiving break:


This is about how close I got to Cyndi Lauper. I'm posing with the pic she signed a few minutes later that was auctioned off with my friend Demaris at the White Party benefit in Miami.


Earlier in the night as I just escorted Darren Hayes of Savage Garden to his limo after sound check. I was running all over the Viscaya museum all night!

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Woo hoo.


My "reminder card" snail-mailed it's way to my home, today.



If only the Park lived up to the season pass' cost.


Then again, maybe it DOES live up to the cost of the pass. Eep.


But - I'll get it anyway, and for as cheap a price as I can get, LOL!


I guess they decided to use some of that personal information you give them, when you pick your pass up. At least the deal is good till 01/11/08. (grin)

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^^ I am, thanks Brian.


The pass doesn't really cost a lot; just over $50 Canadian, so it's not a huge investment.


And yes, I grow my beard thicker over the usual c-c-c-colder months here.


Until the spring...

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^ What the hell are you doing?


Duh! He's eating the corner of his jacket so he can floss his teeth with the zipper in front of a green screen that he changed to be pink because it's an awesome effect! Come on, everyone knows that.



Lol it's just a habit I have. And btw, that's the end of the string that you pull to make your hood tighter. I can't think of the name.

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