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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Wow, I've been a member here how long and I've never posted in here?


One more for now.



Photo stolen from Chris at Toverland


This hat doesn't make me look gay does it?


Surprise TP attack before Blue Man Group at the Venetian


I swear I didn't just drink 60 oz of tequilla with a shot of margarita mix and ice!


ignore the double chin on the left please.


oh great, now you're looking at it aren't you. Stop it!


I said Stop!


This picture is REALLY funny if you know me.

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Havent posted in a really long time, but here are some.


And this one was taken at Central Park NY last December. First snow of the season... First snow of my life!!!


Yes Im a Cast Member at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. This was taken on Sep 16. Mexican Independence Day.


With friends at the Disney Cruise last September.


Last October at the Horror Nigths!!!


Me infront of the most beautiful castle ever!!!

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Some random shots and captions from 2007:




We got back to Hershey in early June for the first time ever, and we honestly can't wait to go back.


The whole Heryshey, Hershey Park, and surrounding areas experience really shouldn't be missed. We'll be back in 2009 to check out FH if all goes well.


So I talked Kelly into driving all the way to Sparks Nevada, to rack up another coaster credit. As we pulled up to the parking lot, we both noticed a large patch of freshly bulldozed land to our right. Lesson Learned: Just because the website says the kiddie coaster is still standing, doesn't mean it really is. I'll be calling ahead next time before we drive 2 hours+ for a fun center coaster excursion.

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