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  1. I read about this the day it was posted on Alternative Press. I'm so excited to see some of the bands again and some for the first time. Bamboozle Road Show last year was really good with We The Kings, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Cab, Never Shout Never, and Mercy Mercedez. I had a really good time last year at the St. louis stop on the tour and this year sounds just as good if not better. Alot of the bands I've seen before but I can always see them again.
  2. Tuesday Oct 6, I saw Brand New at the Pageant in St. Louis, MO. And the weekend before that I saw A Day To Remember with Parkway Drive, In Fear and Faith, and I See Stars on Oct. 2, and Never Shout Never! Oct. 3. All 3 amazing shows but Brand New killed it all. I waited a long time to see them live and it was so worth it. Brand New A Day To Remember Never Shout Never!
  3. LINK REMOVED FAIL! But seriously, I can't believe people would do this. Well, I guess I can, but still what were they thinking? Oh, wait, they weren't. I'm still kind of in shock by how many tubes just come flying out at once.
  4. Okay, so how do I rotate the ride entrance? I have been trying several times with SOB trainer but just can't get it to work.
  5. I just recently got back into RCT2. In one of my parks there is a guest named "STRUCTURE" and he just sits in one spot and looks rather wierd. If i try to move him or delete the path he's on my game gets an error. anyone know how to fix this? and also if there is anyway to add what rides you can put in your park after building all the rides in the list already please let me know. i have a bunch of downloaded rides i would like to add.
  6. I found this to be a nice little park when I visited back in 2007. They have a great waterpark too, although it does not compare to Splashin' Safari. I go down south every summer to visit family, and I was going to attempt to visit SFOG during my next visit, but if they get an awesome new coaster I may have to make another trip back to Dixie Landin'. I'm really hoping it's a GCI compact wood. Maybe Ozark Wildcat has been bought by DL.
  7. Oh yea! I love HU. I have been listening to them for about a year now. I love the older stuff best. Before they you know got signed and all. Their CD is pretty good. I'm glad they have some of the older songs on there like "No. 5," and "Sell Your Soul." However, I really liked the song "B*tches," and was dissapointed that it wasn't on the CD. They aren't coming anywhere near the St. Louis area so I won't be seeing them on this tour. Hopefully they will come to Pop's sometime though.
  8. Wow, that is really not quite what I was expecting to be. It's so out there for a park like Holiday World. I like it though. The elevator idea is interesting. I can't wait to ride it, none the less!
  9. The City Museum is one of the best places on earth!! I love the caves. And the aquarium is small, but cool. I love the crawl tunnel through the shark tank. I'm surprised TPR hasn't visited there before, but I'm sure there will be a visit soon.
  10. I honestly don't think it would be a drop tower since they have Liberty Launch. Perhaps a B&M dive coaster. Although I can't see the park getting a coaster that big, maybe a mini diver, or some sort of Intamin coaster. I don't know, but I'm pretty freakin' excited to find out.
  11. Holiday World used to have one on the wall right as you entered the tunnel. It used to be covered, but they clean it off pretty regularly now. In fact, I don't even think I noticed it last time I was at the park. And the roof on The Boss, WOW!! That thing is always covered. Where is the gum wall on Screamin' Eagle?
  12. I'm kind of surprised that they are still showing rides from like 8 years ago when I remember watching "Thrills, Chills, and Spills" on Discovery Channel. It was okay, but in one part they definitely called X-Scream on top of the Stratosphere tower a "coaster". It most definitely is not. But to the general public, they wouldn't even notice. It was a nicely put together show, but I think there are some better videos on TPR. Maybe TPR should do a show for Travel Channel. haha That would be something.
  13. Wal-Mart late at night is full of some strange people, and so is Steak 'N' Shake. I'm sometimes frightened, but cart jousting in the parking lot late at night is always fun.
  14. It's actually a fairly nice park. It could use a few more rides, and I think a wooden coaster would be a great addition. The waterpark has a great selection of slides as well. I visited last summer, and will probably go back the next time they have a new coaster.
  15. Yep, this is what I saw about a month ago as I passed by along the highway. It's a sad sight.
  16. I would have to say The Boss at SFSTL. I'm sure when most people think of rough coasters at SFSTL they think The Ninja, but I can handle it better that The Boss. It used to be a great ride before it beat the hell out of you.
  17. I think Intamin drop towers give the most shocking drops. Ecspecially since you usually never know when you are going to drop. Some S&S towers give some good negative-g's too!
  18. I drove by on the way to the zoo while I was visiting some family down south. The park looked untouched. I could see the boomerang and S&S towers along with the Mega Zeph. It's so wierd seeing abandoned parks. I'm hoping that they will keep the Mega Zeph if they open a new park as I never got to ride it
  19. This thread is really depressing. I really wish I could have visited Geauga Lake before stupid Cedar fair took over and started removing everything.
  20. You would be surprised!! I have some friends that do some pretty stupid stuff. I'm honestly not too shocked by a 17 year old trying to grab people's feet. This is really horrible though, and my prayers go out for the friends and family, no matter how dumb the kid was.
  21. I have been a Firefox user for about 2 1/2 years now. It's pretty much the best browser out there, in my opinion. It loads alot faster than IE, and I feel much safer when I'm browsing in Firefox. I downloaded Firefox 3 last night as soon as I got off work. I really like the updated look and it seems to load just as fast as the previous versions. I'm sure I'll discover some bugs, but Mozilla will fix them soon enough. I recommend it to everyone.
  22. Yea, but you know that Splashin' Safari will end up getting something too. Maybe some new tube slides back by Bakuli and Kima Bay. I thought the additions to Holiday World this year were nice, but nothing I really wanted to ride.
  23. Yes, it looked like a mix of Six Flags Magic Mountain and a fairground. I know that Colossus and Tidal Wave are both shown with the family on them. Oh, and I found the video:
  24. Yea, I think a swing ship could work. I thought about that a long time ago. I think it would be cool to get a new water ride down there though. Maybe a chute-the-chutes kind of thing, but with theming.
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