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  1. It's easier than GH1 because GH1 has messed up hammer-ons and pull-offs. It's harder than GH2 because of the chordy songs (I refuse to play Before I Forget again) and harder solos.
  2. Not very. I didn't see too many, but here were my favorites: The Simpsons Movie Live Free or Die Hard Ocean's 13
  3. I lost my SLC virginity this summer, and then I hit another one up a second time. I'd equate those two rides to anal sex - they're both extremely rough and bang you up.
  4. Evil - they remind me of how life goes by simulatenously slow and fast. Favorite flavor of sunflower seeds?
  5. This is the funniest picture I've ever seen. Personally, I would have answered "Given".
  6. In July when I went to Toronto. When was the last time you ate cake?
  7. This has been stated ad nauseum, but I'm going to reiterate it. It's the kids' damn faults. Surely not all of them thought it was a great idea, but take the perspective of a teenager about to graduate high school. "What's the worst that can happen? We're having fun with friends at a water park. Everybody does this every year." I mean, it's not even like all 30 kids on the slide decided to do this. I bet most of them were just going along due to peer pressure. I'm surprised that more of them weren't killed. A 40 foot fall is usually enough to kill someone, even if they execute a roll at the bottom. Falling that length with an unsafe landing, even if you hit other parts of the slide on the way down, would surely kill all of them, I would assume.
  8. I know that this thread has been dead besides the last bump. BUT. http://youtube.com/watch?v=HIlySq1iYQ8 - five stars on Cult of Personality Expert. It was my first pass on that song. I have all 3 main games (no Rock The 80's, though), so if anyone wants to make a video request, go ahead.
  9. Man, I forgot about TPR for awhile. Here's a couple recent pics of me. My baseball league's championship. Playing a little saxophone at camp.
  10. My advice to anyone and everyone is that if you're considering facial surgery, remember that it is absolutely brutal to recover from. Maybe I'm a wuss when it comes to pain, but man.
  11. Today I had a twenty-something emo college student who was helping the woodwinds in my school's band with the woodwind choir tell me that my sax quartet was really good.
  12. When I was nine, my cousin jumped into the pool and started drowning. I just happpened to be holding a noodle, so I extended it out and he grabbed it. Lame story compared to others, yes, but a life is a life.
  13. The last time I flew Southwest was in August of 2005. I was stuck next to some 20-something punk kid who looked like he wanted to beat me. I was flying alone, which is supposed to allow me to get on first, but Southwest *convienently* forgot to mention that, and when I inquired about it, I was told (in gentler terms) to shut up. Don't even get me started on U.S. Air, though. I was nearly in tears after my experience was over.
  14. I haven't heard too much about Virgin Atlantic, but from what I see in that video, I really want to fly them. But for right now, it looks like I'll be stuck with American, Southwest, and US (PUKE). -Zach "My school field trip to Philadelphia is on American; if we had to pay extra for jetBlue, so be it" Anderson
  15. Next time I have a free break (not spring break, sadly, I'm going to Philadelphia and then Miami), I'll try making one. I'd do one sooner, but the teachers are piling on the homework.
  16. Empire Records. "He's eight years old and he smells like Robert Downey Jr."
  17. I am Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Austrian, and Romanian. I've got a lot of Jew in me.
  18. I liked it. I felt that it went a bit too slow on the inversions, and the track was a bit rough at some points, but it's nothing I wouldn't ride.
  19. That sounds like a pretty neat idea, except that I lack patience when it comes to creating things.
  20. I remember I once tried to write a book about a coaster fanatic who went on all sorts of adventures with his friend. His parents were rich, so they hired Intamin to build a giga coaster in his backyard. Too bad that I was about eleven years old and I gave up after about five pages. -Zach "Three words - clearances, clearances, clearances" Anderson
  21. Yes, it was fun to build and to run. What's surprising is that of all the times the marble derailed, it was not once on the brake section. I know how to make good brakes.
  22. I built this about a month ago out of boredom. I tore it down recently because my parents complained, but oh well. This thing completed the circuit about 95% of the time with a marble. I have a lot of construction pictures, if anyone's interested (which I'm guessing they are).
  23. You're right on Spin Out. I knew there was something I got wrong. That ride looks incredibly painful. EDIT: It's really hard to notice from ground level, but Mega Drop does fake you out.
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