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  1. Regina Spektor on 9/17 at the metropolis. I don't know what else to say, she's simply amazing. 9/10
  2. Franz Ferdinand at the Metropolis on 8/31 Bloody amazing show, they played every song I wanted to hear (I crowdsurfed to 40 ft.) Incredible energy, stage presence and plenty of interacting with the crowd (The crowd pulled the guitarist, Nick McCarthy off the stage and he went crowdsurfing while playing his guitar!) Catch them if you can. (9/10)
  3. Modest Mouse at the Metropolis on 8/19 It was their tour opener and they put on a really good show. The only thing was that they didn't play Float On. It would have made a good closer and climax for the show but they didn't play it. Kind of ended it on a sour note... still, good show (8/10).
  4. I saw the Dirty Projectors on July 21st. I saw them open for TV on the Radio in June and they really wowed me. Now that I'm familiar with their repetoire, I had to see them again. As usual they were fantastic, I'd be surprised and disappointed if these guys don't make it big. (8/10)
  5. I saw Patrick Watson this past sunday (7/5). He did a free show for the Jazz fest. He was fantastic, I'm not too familiar with his music but he has an incredible voice. Backed by a great band (with a string and horn section) and terrific showmanship. (8/10)
  6. Gogol Bordello, Sat. June 6th at Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT. An abosultely frentic show! The entire floor was a mosh pit for the whole hour-45. It was the band's last stop before touring in Europe for the summer and they didn't disappoint. Some hits were played (Wonderlust King, Start Wearing Purple) but there was so much movement and bashing going on, I had trouble knowing when one song ended and the next one began. (8/10) I met Eugene Hutz (Lead singer) earlier that afternoon, he was exactly how I imagined him to be, incredibly chill and all-around cool guy. Also, my friends and I saw Elijah Wood after the show, apparently he's dating/married to one of the members.
  7. TV on the Radio on June 3rd at the Metropolis Absolutely incredible, they played every song I wanted to hear (Red Dress, DLZ, Shout me Out, a Method). They played their hits too (Dancing Choose, Staring at the Sun, Wolf Like Me, Halfway Home). Amazing stage presence and they're incredibly tight live. (9/10) The Dirty Projectors opened for them, really good with fantastic harmonies.
  8. Animal Collective at the Metropolis -05/15/09 Animal Collective was a trip! A mass of light, sound, and sweat. Every song flowed into the next, making the setlist feel like one giant song. They played some of their more known songs (My Girls, Summertime Clothes, Fireworks) and some lesser known work. Great show!
  9. I'm going to see Animal Collective on May 15th, TV on the Radio on June 3rd, Gogol Bordello on June 6th, And I just got tickets to see Aerosmith and ZZ Top on September 5th. Pretty full sched.
  10. Sir Paul McCartney on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City on July 20th, 2008. Three of my friends and I waited for thirteen hours among 250,000 others to see Sir Paul (for free!) and he put on a fantastic show. To grow up listening to his classics and then to hear them performed by their original writer, the feeling is indescribable. He rocked for three hours and played 39 songs. The great thing is that there is no song in the entire set that you don't know the words to. From 'Jet' to 'The End' it was Beatlemania all over again, if only for one night.
  11. Sir Paul McCartney on the Plains Of Abraham in Quebec City on July 20th, 2008. What a show! After waiting for thirteen hours in line for the free concert, Sir Paul McCartney gave me, three friends and around 200, 997 others three hours of sheer perfection. From the opening "Jet" to the perfect closing song in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise/ The End", it was all just...wow. I've acheived a goal in life by seeing Sir Paul live and in turn, it was the greatest concert I shall ever bear witness too. Nothing can ever top it...ever.
  12. I was at Canada's Wonderland on Friday night/ Saturday morning on a school trip. The park was closed to the GP, only waited seven minutes for Behemoth... then the crowd came and it jumped to an hour. At least I reached my 60th credit!
  13. Nice report, the ride looks like it does BTTF justice. I'm a little suprised though that neither Matt Groening or any of the cast members made an appearance, I guess they're waiting to show up for the opening of the more local, Holywood version.
  14. What's really strange is that Disney is usually the most lenient when it comes to video cameras on rides. Most videos I've taken weren't met with any objection from the CM's, some actually interacted (HM and ToT especially). The only time I hit a wall was when I was on the launch track for RnRC, the loading CM told me to hold my camera at chest height because of the launch. Naturally I complied but another CM wouldn't launch the ride until I put my camera away, the soundtrack had already finished before the ride ended and the last half of the ride was silent. Well, I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.
  15. The walls came down and The Simpsons Ride began intermittent soft openings throughout the day today. So far reviews have been positive and there is even a BTTF:TR tribute with an animated Doc Brown voiced by Christopher Lloyd. Here's a link to a very quickly uploaded pre-show video http://youtube.com/watch?v=WycX3IfHDSk ADMIN EDIT: Click the link if you want to see it. For some reason the embedded version does not seem to work.
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