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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Meandering about in London....


He was nice enough to take a photo with, but got mighty nasty when I asked what the deal with the skirt was....


" Wait, a pound equals how many dollars? That's crazy talk!"


That minivan came close to running me down...no appreciation for album cover photo-ops, I swear

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Today's Pictures are from my first Traveling Zoo (and my last...ugh, thank god Lianna does it)


Check out my pimped out ride fool!


Check out my Leopard Tortoise!


-Dainan "Yeah, most recent pictures!" Rafferty

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Ok, time to try and take the record for the most pictures posted of me!


October 2004... Man that was a long time ago!


Hmm Indian sunday dinner!


At a wig party... FIT!]


Sans Blonde




Extremely drunk at this point... A few minutes later I probably threw up, I don't remember much from that night...


Again drunk on a uni field trip.. i'm sensing a theme..


Trash Palace!


Alexandra Palace last week, excuse the person with the double chin next to me!


Covered Bridge!


Cute no?


Ahh my summer ball... drunk.


Some people are just so desperate to get into photos...


big up Oceana!!!


Score number 1


Close up and sober at a gig! $9 for a drink I think not!!


Me looking at someone who was drunk at 2pm, to be fair I was gone by 4pm.. =]




Why is there no credit here?!




Show a little love


$7 drink check, $25 dollar shades check, sunshine check.


Daft Punk, CHECK!


Daft Punk Cake!!!! I LOVE my flatmates =]


Me looking not my best after a heavy night, BUT OMG CAKE!


So concludes a short history of the past 5 months of my life... I LOVE facebook. Btw i'm not vain. At all.

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