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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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"are you calling me fake"

In a way.


The tree didn't ruin the picturee. and I dont see any photoshop on Tommy's pictures.

But on your pictures all I see is photoshop.

Makes you look pretty fake.




But dont feel bad Mark, your photoshoped pics looks nice.



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Hi all,


A couple of days ago, I tested for the next rank up in Aikido. This particular test was a rather big deal because, upon passing, you are considered one of the "upper" ranked students. You become "sempai", which means "assistant instructor" (essentially, I can now be called on in class to help beginners and what-not). Best of all, I now get to wear a nifty piece of clothing called a "hakama" when I train. This is a big deal for all who test for this rank, because, well, truthfully, we think it looks cool. So, I figured I would share some pictures of me in my brand new hakama. Enjoy!




Me doing my best to look intimidating, though it's debatable whether I succeeded :-P


Finally, I earned "the skirt" (as many of us affectionately call it)!

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