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  1. Nope, January 2020. I honestly dont see how they can get this ride and the area its in ready by the end of 2019 they still have a ton of work to do. I'm gonna say Columbus day weekend is looking likely. The foundation of the station was poured yesterday and was curing today. Station supports and track will PROBABLY (this is just a guess) go in Friday. The outside of most of the buildings are done with the exception of the candy shop, and Neil mentioned that Apocalypse and the Aftermath will be open for Fright Fest (Apocalypse was testing again today.)
  2. West Coast Racers has been topped off. Now all that's left is the station and station track. Also there were some crains removing stuff from Green Lantern.
  3. This is kind of a continually funny thing cause I see it happen at least once a month, but watching people's phones fall in slow motion from the top of the loop on Full Throttle!
  4. I saw some pictures on Instagram today showing the white side was "topped off" (the last piece besides the station track was installed) today. And Apocalypse has started testing
  5. What? How do you manage to get hurt on Scream? It's one of the smoothest rides in the park!
  6. I'm sure that we will see construction walls go up a few days before they start actually dismantling Green Lantern. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be announced next week as the new for 2020 attraction for La Ronde.
  7. So for the parks 100th anniversary we get... A 100th anniversary festival? Wow, that makes renewing my pass to deal with crazy crowds totally worth it!
  8. Really? Where was this announced? Would you mind providing your source, as I'm curious to see what else they had to say alongside that point! I was there a few days ago and the track was almost complete. There were a few remaining parts across from the parking lot, but unless they're expanding it beyond plans, I wonder what's now missing? Did they take parts out and send them away again? I know they initially had problems shipping the parts in from China, but from what I gathered, the pieces were all on-site. And how do you gather that? I was there just yesterday. Compare how much of the yellow track that is still missing from the site to how much they have in the overflow lot and there you have your answer.
  9. I just had an interesting thought. Does anyone think Six Flags will work with Premier Rides in the future after this? At this point, the delay on West Coast Racers is Premier's fault. The park hasn't even received all the track pieces yet!
  10. Wait was it down? Hows it been in general? I'm going back to CA for the first time in 6 years if X2 is down again I will be piiiiised. It was down for a little over 2 weeks. From what I heard, a part broke on it and they had to wait for a new one to come in
  11. X2 is back open by the way. Beware though, the seat rotations have become extremely jerky. Damn thing almost just knocked me the hell out!
  12. I just hope that while they're waiting on the part, they take the time to give the trains the refurbishment they need, buuut, I don't have my hopes too high on that one. Also I saw on Sunday that the orange train on Twisted Colossus was taken off the tracks which means it's off to refurbishment and we should see the green train back any day now. What's weird to me though is Scream got it's third train back from a huge refurbishment a couple months ago, yet they're still running one train operations on it.
  13. It's the last couple weeks of summer vacation for a lot of schools. Of course it's gonna be packed! If you go early it's not as bad.
  14. Crowds should be really light, BUT, SFMM likes doing one train ops on all their rides on weekdays during the school year, so you'll still be looking at some waits. Maybe you'll be able to ride one or two coasters a couple times in a row if you're lucky! Plus WCR should be opening late September / Early October, so there's that
  15. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the member portal? It won't load for me and I'm trying to reserve a parking spot for tomorrow.
  16. Me neither. If all the switchbacks were filled then that's a good 3 hours as they were only running one train.
  17. I went today and it was packed. I guess there was no school. I stayed till about 1. Viper is still down for it's refurbishment, Green Lantern is still down, Scream was running one Train, Tatsu was running two trains, one station, and Twisted Colossus was closed with no crew and all trains in the storage building. Just to give an idea, here is the line for Goliath at 10:45am
  18. So I didn't really get any pictures on Saturday night due to the excitement and the massive crowds. I did go again on Sunday and managed to get a few pictures. The crowds were somewhat light (on Sunday) considering the event and waits for the mazes werent much longer than 5 minutes. Quick notes: They are offering a season maze pass add on for passholders/members. Unlimited maze access for $35 dollars. Also I found out on Saturday that they do set a limit on how many front of the line passes that they give out for Diamond/Diamond Elite members. Went on Saturday to collect my FOL pass and was told they were "sold out." Sorry in advance for my crappy camera quality. Fright Fest is Here!!! Pretty sure this is a new sign this year New shrooms this year Scenery Around Terrortory Twisted! I honestly love the lighting effects this year Apocalypse how I miss thee! Sewer of Souls is so much better than they mazes they've had there the last couple years! Definitely a must!
  19. That's odd. I successfully signed up at the beginning of September for the rewards program. And after seeing your post, I decided to check my account. It looks like they reset everything and I'm no longer registered. I also get the error message when trying to re-sign up. Kind of sucks since I'm pretty sure fright fest maze passes were supposed to be one of the rewards.. I'm gonna head to the park for a few hours today. I'll see if anyone at membership headquarters or guest relations knows what's going on
  20. Has anyone heard anything about what's going on with the rewards program yet? I've been trying to sign up for a week and a half now and it still seems to be down.
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