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  1. Heehee, if you didn't know before half a dozen of us would have randomly pounded it into your head about those fries! I swear they put crack or some kind of zombie like brainwashing drug in the oil because you can't have just one, no you eat one.. walk around then an hour later announce "I want more fries". Then you end up having eaten nothing but Fries and Dippin' Dots all day, wondering why your still oddly hungry. Good luck! Hopefully this horrid weather clears soon and we don't have another complete rained out summer! We had wanted to go up this week since I've got a few days left of vacation, naturally all the weather will give me is "RAIN"! Damn you Pittsburgh Weather Gods.
  2. Hard Rock Park really seems like the complete blunder Winner of the last decade in my opinion. Stitches Great Escape? Why must you always remind me of the death of the BEST attraction at WDW? Rest in Peace Alien Encounter. So yes, this is by far WDW's biggest blunder for the decade. However the decision to remove Snow White is also very high up on that list side by side with WDW asking for the Dumbo car back from the Smithsonian. Plus we can't forgot two little words when talking about WDW blunders "Disco Yeti".. Way to Go, Disney! I don't see how anyone didn't spot the worlds "DISASTER" written all over Six Flags went they want on the park shopping spree. I remember looking at my husband going "This isn't going to end well.. mark my words". There was also their little mistake with "X" which was also the cause of the Arrow bankruptcy, so those two are tied up in a nice little package for our displeasure. Well those are mine!
  3. If you go to Giant Eagle they have Discount Kennywood Tickets for sale, it should save you close to $10 or so provided prices haven't changed this year. Discount Idlewild tickets can also be purchased at Giant Eagle, savings of $2. If you happen to have AAA they also used to sell discounted tickets to both parks. To get to Ligioneer from Pittsburgh, Take 376 towards Monroeville then the PA Turnpike towards Harrisburg. Take Exit 91 Donegal, Turn Right and follow Route 711 over the Mountian and down into Ligioneer. Turn Left at the red light at Route 30, go about 2.5 miles and Idlewild is on the left. ETA from Kennywood to Idlewild, provided there is no construction via the Turnpike that day about an Hour and fifteen minutes. Don't forget the Potato Patch fries at Kennywood. It's a tradition out here
  4. I was just looking for updates on the Legoland construction when an interesting question popped into my head. Do you think Lego will keep the stand alone store they have at Downtown Disney now that their going to have their own park close by? It's worth pondering
  5. Eh it's not really ghosts, I've danced down the halls of some asylum's with history ten times worse then Weston State and have yet to encounter anything much more frightening then teenagers, security and transients. I've tired to keep an open mind but normally I end up giggling like a fool when someone in the group gets all weirded out. Now on that note, there is only ever been one place I've been that's my own personal inner war. An old hotel with a history that makes me drool in lust at the idea of getting in there... and I've seen this one building turn even hard core UE people cold, would I go in there? Hell yes! At night? Maybe, for a million dollars and a 15 minute time limit. Now if I could pay the Weston State people some extra money and they'd let me run threw like a nutball and really do some exploring I'd pay for the tour but I hate having people watching over my should at every move I make.
  6. The only downside is so many of the historic asylums are long gone now. The kirkbrides are a thing of the past, it makes me sad. We've driven by Weston State dozens of times but never really stopped other then to snap some outside pictures, without it being abandoned it takes some of the fun out of the game. There are so few left anymore you can't just drive down the road and hear "Holy crap, what the hell is that thing?!" only to find yourself hours later, lost in an old sanitarium and having a great adventure. You should take a look at Waverly Hills (Louisville, Kentucky) which is another one which was bought and have been putting back together slowly but surely. I'm told their halloween tours are very good. Eastern State Penn (Phila, PA) and Moundsville Penn (Moundsville, WVA) are great tours also
  7. I so see this is my head. Universal employee gets this memo, starts laughing hysterically. Others come over to see what's so funny, more laughter ensues. This becomes a forwarded email around the entire management and general employees. Upper management see it's, more laughter and some high fives are past around. Sounding something like this "Hell Yes! We did it right.. obviously she didn't read the disclaimer but damn that makes me feel good!". HHN Management is a twisted little group who probably had grins and drinks after this memo arrived. I've worked haunted events and houses long enough to know when people want to sue you for doing your job, your doing something right! Sadly I wish HHN would get back to this, it seems like since about 2005 it's gone downhill. The houses are beautiful and well done but the scares.. what scares? I'm a jaded old bat but normally I'll get at least a startle scare in haunted houses, the last two years I've gotten nothing out of HHN. Which just starts the year long debate with my husband of "How to rip it apart and really scare the hell out of people"!
  8. I don't know, there's a lot of great movies and shows that could have been made into some amazing rides. Off the top of my head, I've have to say these are the ones I'd be willing to maul someone to get! Firefly/Serenity: I mean come one, it's a perfect set-up for a coaster or simulator. The series was awesome got canceled and STILL got a movie too, the fans are rabid and worldwide. We'd probably bombard the hell out of Universal until they caved and did it if rumor every got out. Aladdin: I'm still surprised Disney didn't do some kind of big ride for this movie rather then the cheesy little Disney Quest thing they had years ago. A dumbo clone? Come on! This could have been something huge with lines to rival Space Mountain! Transformers: If there was ever a better set up that was completely perfect dueling coaster, I've never seen it. What total geek wouldn't love that? Riddick Series (Pitch Black, Chronicles): Think Spiderman style dark ride, a serious win with the side benefit of yummy eye candy to watch! Plus they're doing more movies in this series, so obviously it's popular and a hit. And just because I have to say it... Spaceballs: The Ride! Only open after 8pm to adult's only!
  9. I don't know how much their showing down in Central Florida, but up here around Pittsburgh I see a commercial for it several times a night while at work. Seems like their clumped together between 6-9pm most of the time and it's on damn near every local channel too. Kind of surprising to see them pushing it so hard in this general area. Did anyone spot the piece in the Orlando Sentinel about the queue for Forbidden Journey? I didn't want to re-post it but it looked pretty damn spiffy to me. Can't wait till vacation time to head back to my old stomping grounds again! Plus going off season, much fun. Can't wait for the leaks and pictures to start hitting, it looks like they did a really great job on the themeing even from what I saw last Sept when I was down in Orlando.
  10. I don't know, it's looking like it may be possible for opening weekend but at the same time that can go wide and be a miss. There's a lot of testing that has to be done once construction is finished up, I can't remember if PA has a Amusement Park/Carnival Safety Group but if they do there's that also to factor in. Since everything would have to be signed off on before it could be opened to the general public. I'd rather see them miss the opening weekend and have it done right rather then see KP go threw a hellish problem like Top Thrill did. It is nice to see a good bit of progress being made though and with any luck sometime in May we'll all have a new coaster to break in! ...and I still think that track is tiny looking!
  11. I don't remember hearing anything other then rumor about the woodie project. It was a good gossip last summer but I never heard any kind of announcement or official type notice about it. One of the gossip bits I heard was that it'd go in to replace the loss of the Golden Nugget before the official sale to Knobels was annouced.
  12. We never miss a trip out to Wildwood. More so since my Mother-in-law lives right in Egg Harbor Township and we normally are looking for something fun to do at night. Oh yes, to quote my husband "Wouldn't a remake of the old Castle Dracula be AWESOME". That's apparently the one that burned to the ground at some point, though that was before my days over in Wildwood.
  13. Working a theme park is really an experience. Better or worse, they'll pretty much own you but you can really have a blast. I put in my time down in Orlando during high school, I'd never do it again but damn did I have a load of fun. As for Pittsburgh, I've learned one very important thing living up here. Don't ask questions, you either don't want to know the answer.. or there is no answer. It'll happen when it happens and we're all going to complain about it in the process And yes, it's about time they got season passes!
  14. Beware of Arrows on the Boardwalks! They never lead to anything good! Honestly the piers don't have a lot of room so my bet would be some kind of flat ride, perhaps a 3D shooter since most of them have moved off the Wildwood Boardwalk now. ...also remember to watch the tram car please! (Yes, I still hear that in my nightmares)
  15. They've needed to paint Phantom for the last two or three years anyway, it looked horrible this summer. Good gods, they don't even have footers in? I know Kennywood can get things up quick but with this weather we've been having a summer launch is starting to look rather questionable. However I'm glad to see something new going in!
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