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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I'd go, but that red background made me decide against it


Something tells me that will be an enthusiass filled event. I think I'll pass. Sounds fairly good though...


It is. But Holiday World makes it so fun that it makes that fact irrelevant. It's amazing how much nice and efficient employees can make things so much better. Where else do you have maintenance workers come up and ask you if you like how their coasters are running and if they can be improved?


I think parktrips is referencing a particular "buzzing" group...not the community as a whole...


Jarvis "enthusi " Morant!


I find it incredibly moronic to state that an entire group of people who peruse another coaster site (of which I'm also a member) might be somehow lumped in with said enthusiasses.


If anything, that comment plants you firmly amongst them.

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I dunno, every time I went over to that site to simply post about something I had information on, I got yelled at, much like the post above...so what do you expect people to say?


Anyway, can we please keep this on topic about Holiday World's event and not talk about CoasterBuzz?





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I think that club (jeff hates you club) is pretty large Robb. Welcome brother!



I would like to point out that RideWorld club members can attend this event (one of 9 clubs). We are also the cheapest enthusiast club out there at $10/year.



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This might have been mention already but holiday worlds new coaster the voyage is going to break a few records :

8 "underground moments"

24.2 seconds of weightlessness


Also it has a 154' drop a 107' drop and a 100' drop. So what does every one think about holiday world expanding and getting bigger?

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Ok, so I have gone ahead and merged several Voyage construction and update threads, so if you have new information or want to discuss the ride, especially now that it's opening is only a few months away, post it here!


I'll start with some new photos that appeared on the Holiday World Blogthis week:


Another shot looking backwards from the top!


Here was a photo taken just two days ago and what it will look like going down the first drop!


A look at the ride as of last Thursday.


Looking up the lift hill!

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I just watched the video and it looks Hadesish! Actualy, I did point out some slow points to the coaster which is no surprise to me, but I would prefer a shorter track circuit like the Raven's in which it gives you no time to see whats happening. Im not saying Voyage is going to suck, but its gonna lack that uniqueness I like. Yes, I know im picky...

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That was a computer rendering with a program thats known to have higher than normal friction levels for wooden coasters.


Plus it an out and back. Duh, it wont have the uniquness of a sprawled out layout like Raven. Unless a triple down into a tunnel isnt unique. Those are just oh so common these days

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  • 2 weeks later...

After rereading all posts in this thread, I've decide to share my thoughts.


Thanks Robb for posting updated photos.


I confess, The Voyage has been on my mind every day since it was announced. I check out Holiday World's web cam several times a day and am always looknig for new pictures on holiblog.


Will the ride live up to it's anticipation? I think it will. The Koch family and Holiday World staff are serious about their coasters and frankly know what they're doing.


Concerning the name: I love it. It's a perfect name for the Thanksgiving section. Imagine being part of the first voyage from Europe to America. I also like the name becasue it has 2 syllables like the Raven and the Legend. Plus a coaster ride is a voyage of sorts and this one is sure to be fun.


I'll be there opening weekend, Holiwood Nights, and several times throughout the season. I hope to meet many of you there.

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Lots of new photos have been posted to HW website:

This is the view you'll see as you walk down the pathway into the new Thanksgiving section.



Here's another view of the insane finish to the ride and the station's vertical growth.


More photos can be found by clicking their website link above!


Also, Holiday World has added a new Voyage wallpaper for those of you interested:



Oh, yeah, and here's the shot from the webcam today:


Holiday World Webcam - Feb 3rd, 2006

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But where's the Turkey Shooting Ride?!!??!?



Now, Paula is going to slap your hand. They don't shoots no turkeys at Holiday World. It's a Gobbler Getaway ride.


Looking forward to the entire Thanksgiving section!!!!



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There are also some new photos posted to the Gravity Group Website.


Here are a few that make us go "WOW!"


The Voyage glistening in the sun


View of the last 90 degree banked turn and the second hill


View of the third hill - looking north


View inside the tunnel at the start and end of the turnaround


Part of the Return Run.


View of the third drop.


TONS more pictures if you click the link above!



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