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  1. ^Weird, and depressing somehow. Way to ruin a beautiful skyline Silverwood.
  2. It's so sad that it's evolved into the crap hole it is. I remember 1998 at Fujikyu as something entirely different. It had some amazing, and at the time, world record breaking, coasters. At least to me, as I'd not ridden anything over 200 feet, and they had 2 of them, no less! Moonsault Scramble may have been an overly intense reverse boomerang, but damn... it was wild.
  3. Hey man... yeah, I certainly remember that. Glad you had such a great time. It seems like Robb really runs a great show. I love White Cyclone too. Granted, last time I rode it was summer of 2001, but it was pretty amazing, with some great headchoppers. I'm a big fan of the CP of Japan, honestly. I loved the Ultra Twister, and the water park was fab. I'm looking forward to 2008, and my own trip back. It's been too long.
  4. That water park is a blast. Very fun. Looks like a good time had by all. Did you enjoy the vertical lift on Ultra Twister?
  5. We all wanted to do the hospital, but with 2 to 3 hour lines for most everything in the park, we either: A. ran out of time B. didn't care enough to do it C. were too frustrated with Fuji-Q to wait in yet another 60 minute line for the Hospital. Thus, no one did it. I hear it is great, but I don't think anyone on the trip is into walk throughs enough to wait out the line it had yesterday. --Robb That's fair. Too bad, though. Next trip, you have to make time for it, man. It's really something.
  6. I still have yet to hear about anyone in this group ever going through "The Hospital." I believe Robb skipped that last trip, am I correct? You can't be so coaster obsessed to have not tried one of the greatest walkthroughs in history?
  7. It's closed this Friday. Open weekend, though.
  8. True. I live 25 miles away, and would still say my "home" park was either Silverwood or the PNE. I'm hoping for big changes, though. May God provide!
  9. Just to send this thread into overkill, here's another story, translated into english about what happened. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20070506a1.html
  10. The girl, Yoshino Kogawara, was 19. Her friend, a 20 year old, sitting directly behind her, is in critical condition with a head injury as well. Here's a pic of the wheel assembly from where it detached. That happened on the way down the hill towards the helix, right where the coaster gets most of its speed. It was almost to the end of the ride, at that valley just after the upwards helix. This graph shows how, and where the injuries happened. Pretty obvious. Fortunately, she was killed instantly. There was no lying there in pain. Very sad.
  11. This pleases me to NO end, as I'm going to NM for my first trip there in 14 years this coming July. Thank God for small miracles.
  12. Well, I realize pretty much none of you know me, but a few might from other websites. Regardless, I had asked a few months back if anyone wanted to fly out to the Seattle area, and join me for my 40th birthday, and skydive. Well, I understand not coming, but I whipped this video up for anyone that cares to check yet another YouTube video. Enjoy!
  13. That's too bad regarding the mid. I didn't have any issues on my few rides on it, but I last rode it in 1998, and I'd assume that things change, eh? Oh well... I still would love to see HW pick it up. I think it'd make a smashing addition to the park, if they'd bring it over. Hell, it's already themed!
  14. I'm not an ACER, nor ever care to be, but I think BMRX is the shit. I don't see how you couldn't really like it. Curious.... ...and I've ridden SD2K. Good, good ride. Definitely top 10 material. Great air on the bunnies, and mad laterals on the turnaround.
  15. Interesting to see you here, that is true. That said, yes, it'd be great to have any of you along. I'll do my best, as it were. Hopefully, I won't literally poop the ol' pants. It does frighten me, honestly, but I'm sure I'll love it. BTW, my kids are still at home, and I'm going. Where does this leave you?
  16. I know I will. Granted, I'm already terrified, and planning it so far in advance doesn't help that, but it'll be great. If I could just calm my wife...
  17. I realize this is insane, but I've mentioned this to a few of you. I am going skydiving for my 40th birthday, September 30th, near Seattle. Since I live nearby, it kinds of makes sense. That said, I'd like to invite those of you that know me (which I imagine isn't many at this site, save Robb), have the time, and the funds to get out here, and the insanity to do it. Outside of the freefall itself, I'll pay for your food while you're here for the day, along with the hotel, if you can't afford it. It's not going to be fancy, but it'll be a motel six, etc. It's a Saturday, so there aren't too many excuses. This is also a great time to come out for a final weekend at Silverwood or PNE. Again, I'll pay for the food/party for the day, and the hotel at night (up to 10 of you), but you're on your own for the skydiving, and flight. I'll be around, but you best email me. I need to know asap, as I have to reserve the day with the crew. Check out http://www.skydivekapowsin.com/ We'll be jumping from 13,000ft tandem, and we'll be next to snow covered mountains... not hills. Let me know. I need to know ASAP. Rob
  18. I had 2 trips on it back in 2001, and it was anything but boring. Yes, big cresting hills, and not massive speed taken over the tops, but it's not an Intamin either. It's very traditional, very tall, and very smooth. That first drop down into the turnaround/helix is amazingly intense as well, because you're dropping 200 feet into it. A great ride, and I'm glad I'll be able to ride it again, hopefully, within a year.
  19. Atually its 2 but 1 is like 87* or something like that. But i have seen the official POV and it is AwEsOmE!!!!11!!!1!!!!1!11!!1 I soooooooooooo wanna go down there and ride it! We need to take your enthusiast card away...... There are indeed 3 90* turns. 3.
  20. Personally, I think it looks taller. Once you've stood next to X, you definitely can get a feel for the size of the ride. Compare the width of that track to everything around it, and remember it's over twice the width of standard track. That's a big damn ride.
  21. Yes, it does translate basically into "isn't it good?" Or, "isn't it great?" Wild.
  22. It should be in the dictionary under "out and back" I absolutely prefer it to Tremors as well. At CAC this last September, it was performing better than ever. Infinitely re-rideable.
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