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  1. Pictures uploaded at my site, for sake of convenience. http://acefanatic02.googlepages.com/ptr-hersheypark Enjoy. -ACE
  2. "Green for go, red for stop? Uh... Bob, help me out here..." "Wait... what does this switch do?" -ACE
  3. I can only really vouch for VA, but there are several parks along I-95 here. SFA is a little ways off the Capitol Beltway. PKD is just off 95, north of Richmond. Busch Gardens is about 2 and a half to 3 hours from DC, depending on traffic. However, if you get caught up in any serious traffic or construction work, that can end up being a lot longer. Honestly, I can't tell you how much traffic to expect... but I can say that truck traffic won't be bad. As for the drive... in between DC and Richmond, there isn't much to see. However, if you take the time to go to BGE, Williamsburg an
  4. WOW! I cant believe the picture. Guess I didnt expect it to be as bad as the picture shows. Dam-near tore off the side of her head. You try running into a two by four at that speed. It does a bit of damage, see. Anyway, isn't it a bad sign when maintenance work makes the ride MORE dangerous? -ACE
  5. Well, it's certainly a beautiful ride - in that special way that all Asian engineering looks. I <3 funky supports. -ACE
  6. My mother had a quilt show in Hershey she wanted to go to, so we went on an impromtu trip up to PA on Thursday. We got up and out around 7, drove up and got there around noon. Quickly getting lost, we wandered a bit before finding the Lodge and dropping my mother off at her show at 12:30. My father and I went to Hersheypark from there. So, once at the park, we paid our way in (really cheap prices, actually. For an amusement park.) Crowds were light, as it was a weekday. None of the lines I saw early on looked to be more than a half hour long. Having only a slight idea of what Her
  7. Classic case of someone who just shouldn't ride... *sigh* And, of course, it will end up as SeaWorld's fault. -ACE
  8. ^ http://prola.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v45/i26/p2081_1 I find that to be vaildation. -ACE
  9. So I was browsing Wikipedia the other day (yeah, I'm strange. So what.) and I came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scout_rocket_experiment Gravity Probe A, launched by NASA in 1976 showed that gravity slows time. If one regularly exposes themselves to zero or negative gravity, do they go through time faster? Would false gravity do the same? Do credit whores age slower? Discuss. -ACE (BTW, mods - I figured this'd fit here better, since it's only tenously tied to coasters.)
  10. Great video. Does Kanonen really go over the tophat that slowly? Looks like it's about to roll back. Perfect song choice, btw. -ACE
  11. Heh. I'm an oddity here, it seems. I have absolutely no problem with heights. I just don't like falling. Zero-G doesn't agree with me. And I think it's some of the same thing as "rocket scientists never go to space". You know how it works, so you know just about everything that can go wrong... Just my 2 cents. -ACE
  12. Hmmm, been doing attractions for 3 years now and I, myself have only had to call for paramedics once. Altogether, I've been there when paramedics have been called 2 times. and both times, it had NOTHING to do with the rides at all. 135 to 140 calls is an insanely high number for one attraction. and about defibrilators... Paramedics should bring one with them. Say there was one in all attractions, who would be certified to actually use it on a guest? Ceeertainly not a ride op. Edit: do they make portable defribilators? I think so. I don't know. I know nothing of medical technology,
  13. Touche. I shall refrain from posting about something I don't know much about, then. The point still remains about the difibrillator, though. If Disney has them elsewhere, and the ride is known to place stress on the heart, it's not to much of a logical leap to expect there to be a difibrillator at the ride. Don't think I'm blaming Disney for this. Honestly, I think it's just a bad set of circumstances that no one can really take the blame for. -ACE
  14. There are only two points that validate this: Why not have a defibrillator there? It only makes sense, and looks to be an oversight on Disney's part. Why allow a FOUR YEAR OLD on there in the first place? Mind, I know it falls to the parents to control their kids, and there is some negligence on the mother's part, but still... I expect both will change regardless of the lawsuit's outcome. However, there is some failure on the parent's part. Regular visits to a doctor probably could have found the heart defect. Just my two cents... -ACE
  15. Friday, I get a call from a friend saying he’s got a spot open for his family’s trip to BGW. Naturally, I accepted. It’s a two hour drive from Harrisonburg to Williamsburg without traffic, so we were up at six to get there at 10 for the opening. Once in the park, we took the chairlift back to France. It was to be the longest line we stood in for the entire day. Light crowds rule. Josh’s sister wanted to take a spin on car ride, but it was at least a 45 minute wait. So while they did that, we headed over for Le Scoot. 30 minute wait – not bad on a summer day (by the end of the day, t
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