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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

I always force myself to memorize a coaster's layout -- just an anal quirk. But Voyage I cannot figure out. Even when I watch the POV, after the third hill, I just get like "WTF IS GOING ON!" I'm not even gonna attempt to learn this one because it'll make that first ride absolutely insane!

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I think three stories is a bit overdone but its what the park wants. Its kind of strange because the station is going to have the computers, transfer tracks, loading platform, and queue all in one. Usually they are all in different places. Am I not making sense, or just talking crap?

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I might be staying at a hotel but if anyone wants to invite people over, hand out the lot number and Ill bring some food for after hours.


Im definantly going to be there, even if it wont be broken in. Just means I have reason to go back again later.

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Alright everyone Holiwood nights has been announced!!


www.holidayworld.com/clubs there is a link to get the flyer there.


36.95 for both nights. 7 hours of ERT total on all three woodies and some ERT on the new dark ride. 3 meals are in this deal as well!!

Add another 14 bucks and you get a new Holiwood nights T-shirt!


Who's going? Count me in!! I can't wait until May 26th!


Thanks Holiday World!



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