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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Apparently Gravity Group is using a new technique in the design of their rides because many people have claimed that Hades is odddly smooth. Very smooth.


They are doing something with the fabrication of the wood rails and steel running rails (well duh) and its supposed to prolong the life of these rides and make these MUCH larger wooden rides more stable and longer lasting.




I must say the few POV stills Ive seen of Hades do stand out as "different" I just cant put my finger on what.




Lets hope this is both true and works out. We could see a newer age of larger wooden coasters.




I also find dragster to be a good rush. I love a good speed feeling. Height does nothing for me however. But I love going fast.

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Are you all psyched about one of the best looking coasters for 2006? You ARE? Want to see more? Head on over to Holiday World's site and check out the latest construction photos:




Here's a little teaser:



And there are plenty more where that came from if you click the link above!



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I will be there opening day, and the last week of June for my group of friends we are calling it Wood Coaster Pilgrimidge. We are hitting BB the same week.






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The track looks so strange with out it's rails on , it kind of looks like a flume. Could you imagine putting plywood on the track instead of rails and riding it on a skate board :shock:


you will see me on the news..."person rides down a coaster track with a skate board"! Wow! there would be so much speed :mrgreen: And I though going on a 35 ft. Half Pipe was extreme :shock:

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