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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Wow! That turn looks insane.


Holiday World is one of those parks I NEED to hit but just haven't been able to visit yet. Sounds like I'm missing 2 (soon to be 3) great coasters.


But is it wrong that I'm almost looking foward more to the turkey dark ride?

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Does anyone know how many gs the bottom of the first drop is designed to do? It has an early pullout (1/2 the way up) and I was wondering if it has anything to do with the amount of gs that a tighter pullout (like on Wild Thing @ VF for example which pull 3.5 gs) would be too high or it is because it would lose too much energy. I'm sure the designers would have an idea what the expected g forces will be when designing a ride. Hades has a very early pullout too and the forces at the bottom of the big drop going into the tunnel didn't feel like anywhere near 3.5 gs (again using my home park's coaster WT for example again) but than Hades needed the energy to reach the very high turnaround in the parking lot.


I'm planning to attend the HoliWood event with my roller coaster friend in May! I CAN'T wait to ride The Voyage!!

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Will the Park have an all-night riding weekend on the 1st weekend the coaster opens..?


What's your views on the "Triple Down" section ..?


Anyone living near this park is very lucky indeed to have such a fine coaster near them, i'm over 3,000 miles away.


I will have to make the plane trip from the UK just to go on this ride.


Will it beat "The Beast", "The Raven" for nightime rides..?

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New TGG pictures. Reveals some of the new stuff...like this:





you enter that from the camera view which means that hill he is standing on is...yes - wrongly banked hill. Can be seen here:



Look to the far left youll see they inserted a quick opposite banked hill before the 1st 90.



More sexiness- train from left to right:


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I've grabbed some of the best pics from the site. Thanks to the guys at Gravity Group for letting us use these!




The first view most will have of The Voyage - sorry, the construction equipment won't be part of the theming


View from the queue


A view of the station tunnel


Shimmering hills


The tunnel before the safety block


The drop of the fifth hill (right) and the climb into the safety block (left)


The first 90° banking


The now standard view of the turnaround - note the two 90° banked sections


Into and out of the ground


A long way up


The second 90° bank area ending with a climb into the safety block area

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Thanks for the pics yet again, the whole NCC crew is booking tickets back east tomorrow for an early June Trip and so far it looks like this:


June 3 - Arrive in Louisville, KY at 11 a.m. - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

June 4 - Paramount's Kings Island

June 5 - Beech Bend in Bowling Green, KY

June 6 - Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

June 7 - Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

June 8 - Six Flags St. Louis

June 9 - Still Undecided

June 10 - Leave Louisville, KY and head home


Two days worth of Voyage goodness, and these pictures help make the tug on my wallet all that much easier.





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Mmmm, looks like my kind of Thanksgiving Land, heh heh.



Love the way the entrance to it all is being done with the bridge entrance thru the coaster itself. Very nice.


Themeing should be quite something, hmm?


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Yeesh, I would expect more from the GG, some of those transitions look awful and are going to be really rough at high speeds. The transition out of the first overbank (where it never really unbanks) looks pretty sketchy. The worst is the last turn out of the turnaround, it looks like they were building it and realized, "Hey, we have to make it turn more sharply or else it will go under the outbound track". That abrupt turn is either giong to provide some nice lats or be reall painful (or both).



Other than those 2 transitions, this ride is going to be an airtime BEAST! That triple down looks so awesome, especially since it will be in a tunnel for the entire thing.

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I wonder if some of the odd looking transitions were designed that way on purpose or if we're seeing limit to how accurately you can build all these track contours on site crafting the track by hand. Some of these more complicated track sections (that were most likely precisely designed on a computer) need equally precise manufacture to be realized properly. I hope this turns out to be a great ride, but if it's rough and has problems and El Toro turns out smooth as glass we could be seeing a shift in how wood coasters are built in the future.

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