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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

WOW! This thing is really taking shape! Head over to HW's blog to have a look at some new pics posted TODAY!




And there's an interesting story about the "VBC"....you'll have to click below to find out!



To give you a sample of what's new, check out this view from Highway 162:




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i wish they would have made the drop steeper

What??!? LOL! It's already one of the steepest drops in the world on ANY coaster!




^Exactly!!! I'm not complaining about anything! I'm just terribly excited that what it is quite possibly going to be one of the best roller coasters ever is being built an hour and a half from me.


Scott "6442 ft of twisted track and airtime is plenty good for me!" Parrish

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Drop steepness is WAY overrated. I dont find the drop on TTD, MF or anything over 70 degrees to "wow" me at all. Steep is steep, sheesh.


Now, if the airtime is increased and held, all the better but I dont get all excited about steepness. Once youve gone to 75+ it all seems the same. From 80 to 90 is nearly no difference - especially if its only for a moment.



Now the Gerstlauer Eurofighters at 90+, those are a different story.

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I love the HoliBlog. Paula rocks!! Is there another park that has such a fun blog and keeps guests as up to date as she does?


I just marvel at that twisty-track that will race through the trees. I think that's a unique element, and probably will get more attention than the size of the drop or anything else. I cannot wait to go back, in fact I am already thinking of heading there the first couple weekdays after Sammi gets out of school in June, to try to beat the crowd a bit.



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