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  1. Hey all. I'm in southern california for the holidays and was considering visiting SFMM tomorrow. Will it be crazy because kids are out of school? Thanks for the input!
  2. CoasterBill - thanks for that information! The closure of El Toro and Kingda Ka are dealbreakers. I grew up going to SFGADV but haven't been in about a decade and was looking forward to getting my fiance onto Kingda Ka and El Toro.
  3. Has anyone ever visited the park the day after Thanksgiving? I'm contemplating going but don't want to get stuck in massive crowds. Thanks!
  4. I made it to the park yesterday at 5 PM and was delighted to find a 10 minute wait for Twisted Cyclone. My boyfriend and I snagged three rides on it. Holy. Crap. What a beast. Fast, smooth, well paced, etc. All the things I'd expect from an RMC! What a great addition to the park. I'm glad to have finally gotten on it.
  5. Any thoughts on what the Twisted Cyclone line is like towards closing on a weekday? I haven't ridden yet and am contemplating getting to the park around 5:30 PM (7PM closing) either today or tomorrow. Thanks ya'll!
  6. Hi all! I recently relocated to Atlanta and made my first visit to SFOG yesterday. It was annihilated with people (90+ minutes for every ride) by ~11:30 am. When should I be going to the park to avoid these situations? Thanks for the help!
  7. I'm so glad I was able to be your twink Robb Get ready for SF gay pride '10
  8. I did it in Spain and had some really, really great experiences with it. The website seems sketchy at first but members can verify their identities and addresses, and feedback (positive or negative) can never be removed from a persons profile. Additionally, none of your messages are entirely private so that if you go missing, they can determine who you were planning on staying with. I would do it again in an instant.
  9. You cannot change your sexual orientation. Period. The people you know were not truly gay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_orientation#Efforts_to_change_sexuality Read 'Efforts to change sexuality'. There is no evidence to show that sexuality can be changed.
  10. Assassins Creed II $50 $50 towards sunglasses Cashmere scarf Kenyon College Tie Lots of candy Some other PS3 game that has yet to arrive... Sweater Shirt It was a good Christmas! I'm perfectly happy
  11. I got an interview for the Molecular & Cell Biology PhD program at UC Berkeley. The acceptance rate for those interviewed? 90%. I HAVE A FUTURE AFTER COLLEGE!
  12. Although I do think marijuana should be legalized, there are certainly a few concerns that I have. Legalization should be done in a way that does not encourage people to become recreational users. Legalization should include provisions to increase public health services to treat people who become mentally dependent on marijuana to prevent marijuana from having a negative effect on society. Yes, most people can use marijuana without detriment to their daily lives, but some cannot and it is important to provide some sort of protections to those people. I also think ethical concerns arise when any governing body legalizes a vice to generate tax revenue. State governments have successfully taxed alcohol and tobacco without encouraging their use in society, and it is essential that marijuana is treated in a similar way. Aside from those concerns, I think legalizing marijuana is a solid idea. It would reduce drug cartel activity and violence, reduce strain on the justice system, expand its use in medicine, and allow Americans to have more control over their bodies.
  13. I've met Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest because their daughter was a friend of mine in college. I've also seen Josh Brolin (I was friends w/ his son) and Annette Bening. It's funny. I grew up in a major east coast city and never saw any celebrities until I went to a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Oh, I also saw Denise Richards in LA, which was entirely unexciting.
  14. We don't live in a theocracy and discrimination is wrong, no matter your beliefs. Let other people live their lives. It's that simple.
  15. But damnit the average gay person should be! Also, I would argue that these actions would pay back current generations as much as future generations, but I won't take this thread even more off topic. Although I mostly agree with this statement, I don't think it applies to gay voters. I think openly supporting gay marriage and the 'homosexual lifestyle' actually hurts the democratic party more than it helps them. Gay voters aren't going to swing the election in either direction, and openly supporting gay people can only hurt the democratic party since it is moderate voters that essentially decide each election. Kind of a blanket statement, but it gets my point across. Interesting discussion guys.
  16. ^^ Swimace, I have to sharply disagree with your comment that it's sad that people will choose who they vote for based on a single issue. As a gay American, I feel completely unrepresented in the political realm. Prominent officials in the Republican party condemn gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle, and prominent Democrats rarely show their support for gay marriage for fear of losing votes. But the fact that democrats, such as Obama and Clinton, do mention gay people and gay marriage with respect, dignity, and compassion, is an action that reminds me that I have not been forgotten by this countries politicians. You mention the higher income of gays as a reason for gay people to vote Republican. Maybe having the respect of a countries officials and its people, as well as the privilege of being able to openly call your lover your husband or wife and the benefits that marriage brings, are far more important than tax breaks to some people. Gay marriage is not a single, superficial issue. It is being able to celebrate your love openly and with pride, knowing that your relationship is not considered beneath heterosexual relationships. It is for this reason that I don't think it is sad for people to choose a candidate based on their position on gay marriage. However, I do see where you are coming from, and I certainly respect it. I just think people have different priorities and that some are more interested in overlooking their political beliefs so that they can have the hope of eventually marrying, or vice versa. Also, I'm not trying to start a political war in this thread, but your comments are a bit bothersome. Yes, gays have kids far less frequently than straight couples, but this does not mean that gay people will not benefit from things like education and other democratic party efforts of reform and socialization. The idea of education reform is to ultimately strengthen the entire country. Kids and their parents are not the only ones who benefit from a strong education. Education reform will better prepare younger generations to contribute to the global economy, increasing the GDP of the country and keeping us competitive in the global market. America has such a strong individualist sentiment that, although admirable and arguably responsible for a lot of the United States' success , prevents us from considering how changes will affect an entire nation, instead forcing us to wonder how and if changes will directly affect ourselves.
  17. CPfan, don't worry about deciding what path you want to go down just yet... I was planning on medical school, but completely changed my mind when I became involved in research. Now I plan on getting a PhD in molecular biology. Besides, the classes you need to take for PhD programs and medical school are identical, with the exception of physics (PhD programs do not necessarily require it). Just major in a science, make sure you take all of the required classes, and from there do whatever interests you (research, hospital volunteering, EMT work, etc). Entering college with a narrow view of what you will do afterwards may prevent you from discovering what motivates you, which is truly what college is all about. I hope my advice doesn't come off as condescending. I just want to make sure you get the most out of college.
  18. Shhh Robb still doesn't know what happened between us!
  19. Yeah, I agree with Louise. If she has thought about the situation and truly understands it, then see what happens. I've been in a similar situation, so be sure to let us know how it turns out.
  20. Ok, I've added everyone. So far it seems like only two people have added me!
  21. I AM SO INTO THIS!! 3995-7316-5666
  22. I got out of a one year relationship last fall. It was a bit of a messy breakup, so I've decided to take a break from relationships. I've had some dates, but I just need some time to be alone and figure out my thoughts. Relationships can provide an unparalleled level of excitement and comfort, but only if you have a strong sense of self. I'm sure I'll be back in the relationship mindset soon, but right now I'm enjoying being single.
  23. I'm currently in the midst of finals, so I thought I'd spend my time wisely and upload some pictures. The first two are from when a group of students from my college and I went down to New Orleans to help rebuild. The third is my friend and I hanging out on the quad, and the last one is my roommate and I coaching pre-school YMCA soccer!
  24. Bucket, I'm sure the details of your classmates suicide are far more complex than her doubting that anyone cared about her. Suicide does not arise out of the insecurities, sadness, and confusion that is experienced by every person. The kind of depressive behavior and thoughts that lead to suicide are generally the result of major psychiatric disorders, which can occur for a number of reasons. Committing suicide is not a selfish act because when in a psychiatric episode that ends in suicide, one cannot rationally and logically think about the world, their relationships with their friends and family, and the consequences of committing suicide. Taking ones life is not an act of selfishness, but the unfortunate result of undiagnosed or improperly treated psychiatric illness.
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