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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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As Will put in his trip report (http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2006/04/view-from-front-erback-seat.html)


...as you crest out of the crazy turnaround, you lose a lot of energy. Then you tip into the underground triple-down the speed picks right up and builds and builds.


When you see the station, you think it's about done ... but you go for another double loop around the back.


If I could have breathed at that point, I would have screamed: STOP THE INSANITY!



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Man Voyage is looking (and now sounding) like one of the greatest coasters ever built! Im really excited to ride it during HolliWood Nights, which should be good for night rides! Congradulations to Holiday World on building this massive coaster!


Colin C

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I have a thought or comment saying that I believe Dollywood and Holiday World are true world-class themeparks in providing guests with a real good value for the $$ as well as an atmosphere catering to the lil tots, mid-teens, adults and elderly peeps all in one truly amazing experience....


Both parks have an array of quality rides and now appears to have perhaps easily 3+ top ten wooden coasters in the world...I have not personally visited either park (unfortunately), but the quality of service and the values that themepark operators "should" possess, perhaps now should take note at how management and its employees go beyond the call of providing park goers a quality experience. Traditional "family-type" values of service.. I am now planning on attending both of these parks sometime this year for sure....thanks HW and DW for giving its guests of under-promising and OVER-Delivering on their products/service...

Am I also to recall that HW is the ONLY (and original) park to offer its guests FREE DRINKS?!....talk about service, now I hear other parks are copying similar policy...

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well after having to try a few times because there are too many friggin' coaster dorks online, I have to say it looks exactly how I envisioned it. Wild, fun but probably not going to launch itself above and beyond every other woodie I've been on as so many have already proclaimed it would...


- Joe, who can't wait to ride

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Oh my god... that doesn't look real. It looks for too insane to be real.


Its so LONG. Voyage indeed. And it never gives up.

I was slightly concerned that the brakes it hits somewhere around mid way was going to mean the rest of the course would be a slow and pointless extension, but that is really not the case.


Just faster and faster and more wild. Amazing

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As there are many links showing video(s) of the Voyage, here is another link from the HW-website (if no one has posted...lol).


(Click on the TV-station link and watch the video-the picture is a bit dark in some places).

Other than that, this ride absolutely hauls-ass throughout the ride. I can only imagine the speed "when it breaks-in!" But, I am hoping HW doesnt re-track/modify the ride until we all get at least one chance to ride in its current condition..lol

Looks like HW has another winner on its hands-Great job HW!

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Uh, Will... which part was it again that you thought was too slow?...


Will PTC have to develop OTSRs for this thing by midsummer when the weather is warm and the coaster operates until 10pm some nights? Surely it will be running considerably faster than at the moment. Speaking of PTC, does their standard seven-car train now come with a jet engine on the back?!?

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