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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Wow. This thing looks GREAT!


But, I agree with peteb, some of those turns look like they could cause pain. That opposite-banked turn looks like it could throw you the wrong way. I mean, I know that Hades has one, but I doubt that one is taken at the speed this one is. And then thre is that turn before the pop up into the safety block. It does look like they had to redo the design a little bit to fit that in, just like they redid it to squeee in the 3rd 90* bank. Possibly ouch.


But, either way, whether there's some pain or not, this thing looks amazing, too bad I won't be able to ride for a few years!

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Yeesh, I would expect more from the GG, some of those transitions look awful and are going to be really rough at high speeds. The transition out of the first overbank (where it never really unbanks) looks pretty sketchy. The worst is the last turn out of the turnaround, it looks like they were building it and realized, "Hey, we have to make it turn more sharply or else it will go under the outbound track". That abrupt turn is either giong to provide some nice lats or be reall painful (or both).


Thats actually the entrance to the first overbank and it doesnt unbank probably for a few reasons. One - its meant to be banked that way because the small hill previous is part of a curve. If the hill were straight it would have a very nasty effect. The natural way of physics actually calls for this.


Two, you cant bank and unbank too fast in normal PTC trains. Not as fast as I think you would need too in this case. Youll be fine. Ive ridden far worse transitions with no problems.



As for the last turn out of the turn around...I think you are mistaken again. The last turn is on the right - not the left. It comes out from the tunnel on the left and exits heading back on the right (looking at that picture). That section actually looks to be da-bomb because you go 90 to the right, then crazy pop of air while twisting then turn hard left and into the stretch back.

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As for #1, I didn't realize it was the entrance and that it was leaving a curve. Otherwise, yeah, that would be a pretty sketchy transition. I still don't think it looks exactly right, but it is hand built on-site. http://www.thegravitygroup.com/voyage/03-06/pages/21.htm



As for #2, you just confused me on the layout. The ride goes out on the left side (at least from the POV on that picture) and comes back on the right. I was saying that the turn just before the tunnel entry to go up into the MCBR looked like it lacked a lead-out, it just turns and levels. It looked pretty abrupt from the photo, but whatever.




It looks like the very last turn before you head up the hill toward the photographer is abruptly ended (has no lead-out). It might be just the camera angle, but it looks weird to me.

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Looks great, I'm sure rides on this will be better than the Beast. Of course, I've had better nightrides in my car during rush hour traffic in the winter when it gets dark at 4:30 than I've had on the Beast. Its great that Holiday World keeps taking things to the next level, and that the Gravity Group is insane enough to design this! I'm glad its complete. Now maybe Great Adventure can call the Gravity Group and get the workers to head over there and help finish El Toro!

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whoever wondered if the voyage night rides would beat the beast.... that's not the question, as raven night rides hands down kills the beast's. Will voyage beat the raven.... only time will tell.


Before riding this thing, I can say that a day ride with your seat belt tightly fastened and holding on tight in the front seat will beat a backseat, no-selt-belt, hands-up, nighttime ride on The Beast.


Holiday World knows what brakes do. They know that rides can be designed without them (save for Voyage's block brake), and they know how to make a spectacular ride.


The real battle with me will be my No. 1 woodie Legend and Voyage.

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Yeah its too bad they don't have a video out there just yet giving us some on ride footage... ahh... 8 more weeks... I guess I'll just have to settle with riding The Beast and Italian Job this weekend while waiting for Cedar Point and Geauga Lake to open its doors to another season.

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some of those turns look like they could cause pain


Oh, ye of little faith.


I'm a total weenie, but I rode twice. It's a very aggressive ride, but not painful at all.


The 90-degree track sections are indescribable. Riding toward the back is great, because you can see everyone up front riding on their sides.


The first tunnel is a total "head chopper." Nothing on our other coasters can compare. I can't imagine not ducking (and, again, it's fun to ride toward the back and see everyone else duck).


My favorite part (so far) is the underground triple down.


But what do I know? Better come ride it for yourself...



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