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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Closing Day report:

Arrived about 20 minutes prior to opening. When the gates opened I decided to head left to the Boardwalk as I usually skip that stuff. Flew with the Man of Steel on its first 2 rides of the day, both in back. First train had 3 total people and the second was pretty filled up, and the speed difference was noticeable.

Moved over to Green Lantern next for a front row ride. Unpopular opinion, but this is a better coaster than Bizarro. Shame me all you want. Smoother and more forceful. Other than the lack of a zero-g, this is better.

Took a walk on Parachute ride which is always fun. Can't believe this thing is still standing and running in 2022, but here we are. Also running next door was Twister, which I rode solo and got 7 or 8 flips on the come out roll. When it's running like that, why even bother with Joker?

As I was walking towards the other side of the park, the gates for Houdini opened and I hopped on to be the first rider of the day. Effects all working which was nice. By then the clock was striking 2:00 and I had already managed 6 rides.

As I continued walking across, I took note of how every single ride was open as well as the vast majority of food stands, shops, games, and plenty of characters as well. Eat your heart out Cedar Fair, Six Flags managed to staff a park better and get more open in January than you did in mid summer.

Hit the back row of Skull Mountain next, followed by the back row of Nitro which has been kind of ruined by Diamondback for me. The airtime is far better in southern Ohio. Nitro is kind of the Millennium Force of the park to me...big fast and fun, but you could take a nap on it. I love both, but time has kind of passed them by on being list-toppers. Nitro was running two trains and usually there was a good 30 second wait after dispatch for the next train to come back, once again reminding me that I wasn't at a Cedar Fair park.

Got 3 consecutive rides on JDC next, one in front and two near the middle. The ejector moments are great in front, but I think I like the back more just for the first drop. 2 of 4 trains running here, more than enough to keep up with today's small crowd.

From there I did a loop through Gotham, hitting Batman in back, Mouse in a Box, Wonder Woman, and Justice League (which had a 25ish minute line, by far the largest i saw today). Fun rides on all. The truck horn effect on Dark Knight no longer works (although Superman would later hook me up, as I parked right next to its station and they blasted the horn on it right when I got to my car).

By then it was getting dark, and while I could've stayed till closing the wife had prior commitments that required us to be back in MA at a reasonable hour. Last night was supposed to be the night riding session, but the park closed for inclement weather that never really happened. I got my Pork Kabobs from Jersey Devil BBQ which are always fantastic. Hit JDC one more time after a 10 minute wait, once again getting the middle. This thing was f*cking flying by now and I can't wait to marathon it next year during HITP. Last coaster ride was Nitro up front, my only night ride on it this year unfortunately but always a good one.

On the way out we decided to hit the Skyscreamer. When we sat down it started to drizzle and naturally when we got in the air, the skies opened up and some gusts of wind came through. After being pretty hot and sweaty all day (on January effing 2nd) suddenly the day was gonna end cold and wet. Still a ton of fun, but after that it was time to call it quits.

Call me crazy, but even though the World's tallest coaster, World's tallest Freefall ride, World's best wooden coaster, World's best ejector air Mine Train, the World's most mediocre purple B&M, and the Log Flume are all closed I vastly prefer going to Great Adventure during HITP over going midseason. The atmosphere of the park is so much better, the usual ornery crowd is calmed down, and the coaster lineup still kicks ass (even more so with the addition of JDC). I honestly don't even feel like I miss those rides when I go this time of year. It's an amazing event and I know some parks are cutting it next year, but hopefully there's no change to this one.

Pics in the FB group since my phone is being uncooperative with posting here for some reason.

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Another season in the books... we swung by for closing weekend, once on Friday and again last night for the last few hours since we were in the area both days.

Both times the park was pretty crowded though last night around 6:00 it rained for about an hour and that front dropped the temperature by almost 20 degrees so the last few hours of the night we had the place to ourselves, though it was frigid. The temperature itself was fine (mid-to-high 30's probably) but the wind really picked up to the point where they started front-loading Nitro and holding Jersey Devil in the station until the trains were full before sending them (they did get a second train back on, by the way). We spent the last 30 minutes of the night riding Nitro and I'm shocked that I can feel my hands at all. Worth it though...

PS: I was bored today so I checked Instagram to look this up... apparently despite this being my home park in the year that they opened a brand new RMC, prior to Holiday in the Park I had only been there 3 times this year. We logged 5 visits during Holiday in the Park. That should give you an idea of what I think of this event (and what I think of summertime and Fright Fest crowds at this place too 🤣).

This season was mostly an absolute clusterfuck. Jersey Devil broke constantly during the summer (once for almost a straight month) and they managed to derail both their best coaster and somehow a log flume but Holiday in the Park was as awesome as ever! See you next year, Great Adventure. Now go fix El Toro.



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Damn I wish I didn't have to leave early last night. Love plopping down on Nitro at like 8:00 and not getting up for an hour. Did that on NYE 2 years ago and was treated to firework shows in almost every direction. Not sure I would've stayed late if I had the choice though - I got soaked by the sudden downpour on Skyscreamer and was dressed for the upper 50s, so riding coasters with a light but soaked sweatshirt and temps in the 30s wouldn't have been much fun.

Early shift is worth it too though. Maybe 300 people there at opening, and 290 of them went towards Nitro/JDC so the Boardwalk was like a personal playground for an hour or so.

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Question for anyone who went to the park in the last week:

I know Bizarro is closed for HITP, but did any of you guys notice any progress on the new neon-green/bright-orange paint job from the park's skyline? It's weird that the park hasn't made any more official updates on social media regarding the supposed Riddler re-theme.

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There is new orange and green paint on the coaster that is visible from the Giant Wheel, Sky Screamer, etc.

I think its weird that you think its weird that they haven't announced the retheme yet. Parks add new rides etc to bring in more money. If they announced a coaster is getting painted and rethemed now what would be the point be if the park is closed for another two and half months? Do you think anyone but coaster nerds will actually make it a point to visit in three months just to ride a coaster thats been there for 22 years and is simply being repainted?

I'm willing to bet that 1. this won't even be ready by opening day and 2. they won't even announce it until the park is open for the season.

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Maybe it's just temporarily not working? It seemed like there were quite a few effects not working now that I think about it. Guess I'll have to go to Knoebels and ride the Haunted Mansion to get my horn fix (or park next to Superman again...you can probably hear that damn horn from Philly).

Forgot to mention, I am unreasonably proud of Great Adventure's guests for managing to let the Pine Barrens sign, which is a mere foot from a busy walkway, live through an entire season without vandalizing it. Well done, my extremely low expectations have been exceeded.

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They might as well rename the park to "Six Flags 'Quite A Few Effects Not Working Now' Adventure" with the way all four of the dark rides were operating these last two months.

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On 1/6/2022 at 10:19 PM, rachelmadcow said:

im glad i rode it when it was new because i knew if it anything broke it would stay broke lol. 

That hasn't been the case exactly. Most everything gets fixed, but flip a coin each day on if it broke again... lol

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Yeah, I’m confused as to how this is news, honestly.

They’ve been doing tons of visible track work ever since the ride closed so we knew that the ride was reopening.

When Six Flags says that something is “expected to open in the Spring” we all know that means little-to-nothing, especially since with the wording of that they’re gearing up to make it the state’s fault if it doesn’t. Plus “Spring” could mean late June. Lol

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I can only assume a press release has gone out as I can't find this on the website but according to Matt who is a very reputable source and admin over at the Great Adventure Connoisseurs group, the park has announced a number of new updates/improvements to the park for 2022, most notably the return of Medusa, a new paint job for Batman, a new entrance marquee on 537, more kiddie rides in the area by JDC, single riders lines being added to Nitro, Toro, Medusa and JDC, a new Fatburger, and much more...


The Return of Medusa, and MORE for 2022!

Great Adventure has finally announced the wide array of improvements coming to the park this year!

MEDUSA is back with a new color palette, logo, and Gold Rush-era backstory!

Jr. Thrillseekers (formerly Safari Kids) is completing its 2-year renovation complete with 8 rides including Lil’ Devil Coaster–and Barnstormer, returning for 2022.

Single rider lines are being added to Jersey Devil Coaster, El Toro, Nitro, and Medusa!

The FLASH Pass is moving from the Q-Bot system to the new Q SMART mobile technology system that works directly from your smartphone.

The Six Flags mobile app now allows you to add your pass to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet for faster access into the park.

“Wow moments” – More emphasis will be placed on creating “Wow” moments through fun and memorable guest interactions, beautiful landscaping views, additional seating for relaxation, and a massive, new marquee on Rt. 537

Yum Yum Cafe and Granny’s will both reopen following makeovers with new floors, décor, menu boards, and traffic flow.

A Fatburger® location is coming to Adventure Alley, serving burgers, milkshakes, onion rings, and more.

New Dining Options – The park will expand its culinary options with freshly roasted rotisserie chicken added to the menu at Granny’s, freshly-brewed coffee creations at Sweet Treats, proudly serving Starbucks® and many additional high quality offerings

Family Restrooms – To better accommodate the needs of all guests, the theme park will introduce two new family restrooms to the Adventure Alley section.

Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Compatible with all electric vehicles, units will be available in the theme park, water park and safari parking lots

New Pavilions – The park’s high-tech, touchless security screening entry area and the popular Johnny Rocket’s outdoor dining patio will sport new wooden pavilion shade coverings.

Summer Vibes Festival – As sun-kissed dreams come to life, guests will drench themselves in a kaleidoscope of color at this new, summer festival, which will run July 16 to August 14. Mouth-watering treats, beat-the-heat beverages, bold, eye-popping spectacles, live entertainment, and colorful curiosities will immerse guests in the reverie of summer.

New Animal Adventures – The Wild Safari’s animal care team welcomes three new giraffe calves, a new male rhinoceros, and an array of spring babies. The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure will feature an entirely new audio tour guests can stream from any mobile device and an expanded, three-lane roadway with five newly paved miles. The Drive-Thru opens March 19th!

New ‘Giraffe Encounter’ Safari VIP Tour – Great Adventure theme park will launch a new safari VIP experience, the Giraffe Encounter Tour. This off-road adventure on military-style, open-air trucks will feature an informative and engaging tour guide through seven sections of the Wild Safari and the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes at Wild Safari’s Camp Aventura. Tour guests can also meet small exotic animals up-close. Tour tickets may be purchased in advance or at the park.

BATMAN™ The Ride will sport a bold, shiny new coat of paint!


Six Flags is hiring! Applicants age 14 and older can text FUN to 732-307-6688 or complete an application at www.sixflagsjobs.com. More than ten diverse departments offer exciting opportunities with flexible hours and great perks, and many jobs start at $15 per hour.

New Season Pass Program

Six Flags has announced its brand new 3-tiered Season Pass program:
Thrillseeker Pass is perfect for frequent home park visitation
Extreme Pass is ideal for live-on-the-edge thrills all year, without blockout dates
Ultimate Pass provides the best value for everything offered
Extreme and Ultimate Passes also each come with two Junior Passes for guests under 42"!

More info: https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/store/tickets

Reminder: Great Adventure opens April 2nd!





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My thoughts on the Medusa reversion:

  • the ride needed to be painted badly. Yes lots of coasters at GAdv could use some fresh paint but the Bizarro paint has started to chip off considerably the last 2-3 seasons and that old bright green/yellow OG Medusa paint peaking out made it much more noticeable than the other rides in need of paint. Because of this, any new paint would be welcome on this ride, imo, regardless of the theme because it was starting to look really bad.
  • Yes the Medusa/gold rush theming didn't make sense the first time around and it certainly doesn't make sense now but neither did having a DC comics themed coaster back there and look on the bright side - one less superhero (or in this case villain) themed ride in the park.
  • This will finally shut up the incessant "the park is going to remove Bizarro and send it to SFA/Darien Lake/La Ronde" nutjobs
  • RIP best entrance portal in the park. But curious to see what they do here.
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^ Granted the numbers of viewers isn't big enough for Six Flags to care or even have an impact, but it seems kind of ironic that the Bizarro ride existed when the character never really made the jump out of the comic books so wasn't that well known and now the ride goes back to Medusa in the same year Bizarro becomes a main part of the Superman TV show.

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What I appreciate is the park highlighting each of the little additions / improvements they're planning on implementing. Oftentimes in the past, these would be just done in the background with very little attention or promotion, leading to them getting overlooked by most people. 

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7 hours ago, Canobie Coaster said:

I'm excited to see more single rider lines.  I wonder where they'll be routed.

🤣 Other than up the exit ramps?

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