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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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I don't know the exact size of crowd the venue can hold, but it's at least a few thousand. Lining up early depends on the popularity of the artist, sometimes you'll want to get in line a couple hours ahead of time if you want to sit up close.


Odds are it'll be fewer people than what the Marshall Tucker Band attracted in 1981.

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Thats also the only song of theirs I know. Their only shows this year are all at big rock festivals, which again doesnt help me determine if theyre popular or not.


I assume Six Flags booked them because their christian roots mean they wont swear at the kiddies

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I saw Switchfoot. Of the 2 concerts my friend won tickets to, it was by far the better one, did kind of like them. Odd crowd, they definitely have a fan base that's really enthusiastic even though most of them don't drink or anything (I think; the club did serve drinks to those who wanted them). The guitarist was into a nasty fuzzy sound that seemed unusual for that genre.

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Just got back from a great night at the park. Didn't arrive til around 4:30 and was greeted by the lovely sight of the multitude of school and charter buses loading up and shipping out, which set the tone.


Finally got to ride El Toro for the first time this year, and she was running at top form. Anyone who says it's gotten rough is out of their mind.


Also, I was pleasantly surprised that two separate employees went out of their way to be helpful. One of the guards at the front gate opened up another metal detector for us when he saw we were stuck behind multiple families with bags and strollers. Another guard got on his walkie and asked if Kingda Ka was open after he saw me straining my eyes to determine same.


I know I shouldn't be surprised by employees helping guests, but we all know how most Six Flags employees can be.

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Google tells me they're a post-grunge Christian rock group. Sounds terrible.


Awww... Switchfoot is actually one of my favorite artists! Don't be a hater!


Are they that band that gets super pissed when you call them a Christian rock band even though they’re totally a Christian rock band?


Yeah, this is them! To be fair, they aren't explicitly Christian Rock, at least they weren't. Sadly, it seems they've trended in that direction recently...


Switchfoot...love 'em or hate 'em, at least they're not some $#!tty, can't sing, can't play instruments, no-talent, rap act!


Amen to this!

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I just rode Cyborg. I’m shocked to say that it was very mellow. Fun ride but not nearly as intense as I was expecting. Second ride had more intensity to it so it seems to vary.


Here’s a full off-ride video that I shot during this morning’s preview.



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It’s funny how many people premptively bitched about nausea when Joker (Total Mayhem) was announced yet no one said a word about nausea when this contraption was announced.


Good for them turning that program down. These things are not something I’d like to try on any faster/longer program. This program looks identical to the one in the POV, which is just on the edge of nauseating already.

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