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  1. To be fair, it looks like there's a really nice water area/waterfall around the entrance to the ride. You can see it briefly at the end of the forward POV. However, the muddy water in all of the trenches is off-putting. Did they somehow forget to add drainage capabilities? Whatever the case, this Vekoma coaster looks fun!
  2. Energylandia has posted videos of riders on Abyssus. It's still mostly lacking water.
  3. There does seem to be a blossoming brewery district on the East Side of downtown Tampa. If you like hazy IPAs, then I would definitely suggest Woven Water and Magnanimous. I really enjoyed the hazies when I was there at both places not too long ago. They also produce some tasty sours and pastry stouts. Nearby, you will also find Angry Chair and Hidden Springs. AC makes lots of good beers in various styles, so you should check it out too. I didn't care for any IPA I had from HS, but most people seem to go BAT S#!+ CRAZY for their flavored dessert/pastry stouts! If you want to go in a completely different direction and you're craving some traditional lager beers, then hit Barriehaus in nearby Ybor City.
  4. I came across some video footage documenting the destruction/explosion of the Greyhound wooden coaster (1915-1974) that was at the Lakewood Fairgrounds on the south side of Atlanta, GA. This was the coaster featured in Smokey And The Bandit and Smokey And The Bandit II. I searched TPR, but didn't find any other references to this video. For better or worse, here it is:
  5. I visited Dollywood for my first time ever on Nov 21st. I rode Wild Eagle multiple times during the day and at night too. There was no tightening or suffocation from the restraints. I had a great time there enjoying walk-on rides on all of the coasters, and the Christmas lights at night topped off an already great day. Additionally, Lightning Rod rides at night are wild, and that quadruple-down near the end is intense!
  6. The predicted high temp for Austell this Sunday Nov 24 is 54 degrees. Is that warm enough for the coasters to run? NOTE: I visited SFoG in the past, and it was too cold for Dare Devil Dive to open, but I think most other coasters were running. I can't remember how cold it was, though. Does anyone know the minimum temps for the various coasters to operate (especially Twisted Cyclone). Thanks!
  7. Is Dollywood currently doing the "Arrive after 3pm - Next day free" deal? I might be visiting Dollywood sometime during Nov 20-23. I checked the Dollywood website, but I didn't see any mention of that deal so maybe it's not offered at this time of year? EDIT: I just noticed Dollywood is only open from 2-9 on Nov 20-22 so I doubt the "After 3" deal would be offered. However, Dollywood is open 11-9 on Nov 23 and 24.
  8. I don't know if this Cedar Point video from 1984 has already been shared somewhere in the previous 44,000+ posts? I did a search on TPR, but it didn't show any matches. Whatever the case, check this out:
  9. Switchfoot...love 'em or hate 'em, at least they're not some $#!tty, can't sing, can't play instruments, no-talent, rap act!
  10. This 1930s-40s Triple Racing Coaster in Dallas looks like it could have been a ton of fun! I'd love to see more about this coaster (along with using a time machine to go back and actually ride it)! A complete on-ride/POV would be awesome, but we're just lucky to have any of this coaster caught on film: Dang, I just now learned about the Comet! Apparently, Comet was the successor to the Triple Racing Coaster at the State Fair of Texas. Comet operated until 1985. DAGNABBIT...my family had great friends in the Dallas-area which we visited many times back in the early-80s. UGH, (if only) I had known about Comet back then and rode it before it closed!
  11. It sounds like I got lucky on my visit back in March 2017 since there was no wait for Boardwalk Bullet. It must have been the time of year combined with the rainy weather (and a lack of a Beer-Fest)!?! I'm hoping to make it back out to TX later this year so I can visit some of my favorite coasters: New Texas Giant, Iron Rattler, Mr. Freeze, and Boardwalk Bullet. Well...a classic B&M Batman inverted is hard to beat as well! I didn't get to ride the S&S Free-Spins last year, but hopefully that will happen later this year? Additionally, I REALLY want to try out Wonder Woman's Lasso coaster! PS: My favorite Texas coaster of all time just might be Phoenix!
  12. Great trip reports! I visited Kemah for the first time in March of 2017. I had heard/read various reports about Boardwalk Bullet before visiting so I wasn't sure what to expect. Ultimately, I just went in with low expectations. By the time I got to Kemah, it was in the evening after a light rain. I was a bit worried, but I ended up having some insanely crazy/fun rides on BB! I rode it several times (at least once in the front and once in the back), and I loved every ride. It was very aggressive, but it didn't cross the line into the "rough category" for me. Maybe it was because of my low expectations plus those (nighttime-after-a-light-rain) conditions, but BB surprised the hell out of me in the best possible way. I've read that Kemah has been slowly re-tracking BB over the past years. After your recent report, it sounds like Kemah is continuing to keep BB in good shape! Note: If you thought the layout of BB was disorienting during the day, try it at night! In related news: I rode Pleasure Pier's Iron Shark while I was in the area. It was a fun ride, but my rides on BB were superior. I also rode ZDT's Switchback. That's another good one, but I still preferred BB. Then again, some of favorite Texas coasters are at SFFT and SFoT! Canobie, I look forward to reading your further adventures!
  13. ATTENTION: People in the Jacksonville, FL area: I was over in JAX on Saturday, April 14th 2018. FWIW: If you would like to ride a large "traveling-coaster" (aka: Mad/Crazy Mouse), then head on over to Saint Johns Bluff just north of Town Center Pkwy ASAP. I didn't stop, but I saw a lot of other carnival rides besides the coaster at that temporary fair. If anyone reading this goes to that carnival, let us know what else you found/rode! Take some pictures too!
  14. My Wish: 2017 - Scrambler (Filling the Gap from Kids Rides to Rampage) - Mat Slides for Waterpark replacing Speed Slides 2018 - Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster (Filling the Gap between Centispeed and Rampage) 2019 - Zamperla Discovery - Flow Rider for Waterpark Those are some good suggestions! Here are some more IMHO: NOTE: Some of the following ideas MAY NOT ever be possible in Splash Adventure's timeline, but it would be fun to see them show up at some point! Currently, Rampage is the only draw for me, but it's not enough on its own to get me to travel from nearby Georgia. If Splash Adventure was to add some of the following rides, though??? -Gas-powered Flying Scooters (like at Knoebels) -Gas-powered Loop-O-Plane (like the one that was at Miracle Strip in FL) -A ride like Catwoman Whip at Six Flags Over Texas (or a classic Enterprise) -A Gerstlauer Sky Fly -A Zipper would be INCREDIBLE!!! -Zamperla Air Race -A Top Spin with a great program (and theming) similar to Talocan -The "updated/re-vamped" ride which is a lot like the classic Rock-N-Roll flat ride. I think one opened in California not too long ago? I searched for it, but couldn't find it. Anyone care to lend a hand about what I'm referring to? -A classic Whacky Shack-style dark ride -Classic (Lusse-style) bumper cars -Then, there's some "Big Budget" rides like a custom Chance Hyper G-TX and/or an Intamin Mega-Lite that might possibly fit within the (future) Splash Adventure budget and would be a HUGE/UNIQUE draw for the area and way beyond??? Oh well...if you're reading this Dan...have "fun" with my suggestions!
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