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  1. Havent been to this park, but arent water parks traditionally staffed by 16 year olds?
  2. Like 5 years ago, somewhere on the internet I posted: "We will know when the next recession will hit. It will happen right when American Dream sets an opening date" I wish I could find that post
  3. Good article about the park, lots of photos Looks like a blast. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/03/i-was-the-first-person-inside-american-dreams-water-park-heres-what-its-like.html
  4. I just noticed how low six flags is. But like, its way too low. Are they in serious danger, like in 2008, again? If the parks are forced to close during the season, do they have the cash to wait it out?
  5. The price makes me very sad. I don't know why I let myself get excited for this
  6. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/02/a-bunch-of-rides-at-the-water-park-coming-to-american-dream-just-passed-inspection.html Sounds like no one told them they needed inspections until they tried to open
  7. Id throw a fit if they asked me to hand over another $10. Maybe thats what all the security is for.
  8. This is a couple of weeks old, but I didnt see it posted. Explains the price hike Long article worth reading https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/01/american-dream-has-been-open-for-3-months-are-people-going-to-the-mega-mall.html
  9. I think I used tweet report incorrectly. In retrospect, its just two tweets
  10. I havent but a friend live tweeted their trip. They were the only passenger. Also make sure to check the new bus schedules, they just changed Sunday.
  11. PABT is difficult to navigate if you know your bus, but not your gate. The gates are well signed. There are also touch screens to show you the best walking path. Also, there is a north building and a south building. They are connected on the 2nd floor, but ar ground level you need to go outside to get between them. I recommend grabbing a quick bite at: Los Tacos No.1, West 43rd Street, New York, NY Within the building itself, you're limited to an Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, and Jamba Juice for fast options
  12. All I have to add is that of the many issues I have heard about Six Flags, I have never heard about staff harassing customers as a complaint.
  13. This wasn't a high school security guard like Six Flags. These were older officers from K9 units wearing bulletproof vests. They were not messing around so I wasn't going to put up a fight even if it was annoying. So? They're still mall cops with zero authority. They are free to review my paid admission ticket. They have no reason to view ID. You don't need one to access a mall. "papers please" and "just following orders" Where have I heard that before? No one said that.No need to fight or swear. "Can I see your ID?" "No."
  14. Back on page 44, we discussed the water park and what kind of pricing it would have. It still hasn't opened, and no date has been given, but buried in the website I found the following: Tickets: $44.10 General $35.10 Under 48" $35.10 Seniors Discount $26.10 Seniors Under 48" Discount $22.50 Beach Pass Thats....reasonable! I assume the beach pass is just for parents to lounge by the wave pool. Thats a cool policy, most places charge full admission for that. For reference, Hurricane Harbor charges: General Admission $48.99 Children Under 48" $38.
  15. I would ask to speak with management about this. Completely unacceptable. Its not their job to harass paying customers.
  16. Hours have been modified/cut again: Monday - Thursday - 12pm - 7pm Friday - 11am - 9pm Saturday - 10am - 10pm Sunday - 11am - 8pm
  17. LOL I came to post that even though they hit the opening date it's still a work in progress... https://www.nj.com/bergen/2019/12/indoor-ski-slope-at-american-dream-is-open-heres-a-first-look-inside.html Supposedly this thing was the first thing completed at the mall, and was actually ready to go 5+ years ago. And they still couldnt get it ready in time for their media day wtf
  18. Thanks for the report! It looks like this really is a draw for families, which should mean it will continue to be quiet weekdays and mobbed weekends and holidays. --- Also, the Big Snow website is live (and is much better than the Nickelodeon website) https://www.bigsnowamericandream.com
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