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  1. Does the pay per ride system mean you can now walk through the park to take a look without riding anything? When I went a year or two ago, they basically had the theme park hidden behind temporary walls and you couldnt even get close, which is a super idiotic way to generate interest
  2. Th challenge is building it in a way no one can see it because thats their current business strategy.
  3. I laughed when I saw this post and then the one about them having $800 left in the bank The fact that most of the promised restaurants havent opened is the biggest red flag IMO. Also they still dont have an online map, as theyre still trying to hide all the empty areas
  4. Great. I see they have a store parking lot with its own entrance. Plan would be for no more than an hour. At least, thats what the google satellite shows. Anyone know if the construction changed that?
  5. It looks like the weekend of July 24th, we're going to be driving past the park. Unfortunately, wont have time to actually enter the park, but was wondering about the logistics of just visiting the Hersehy store and the free ride inside the store. I see on the website you need to reserve a time and all that, but Im wondering more about the getting in and out aspect. Is there a way to just park for the store without paying for the day or getting stuck in any lines of cars of people going to the general park? This would be a quick pit-stop on a much longer drive, so cant afford to waste too much time. Would probably be around 11am.
  6. The ride doesn't support squishy dummies? Chris Christie will be upset! I'll be in the Showcase theater at 5 and 7pm folks.
  7. Great video. Did they get new leadership? Im glad to see they changed their landscape strategy from from "lets theme everything as a hot concrete wasteland" to "shade is good"
  8. Pissing people off in an attempt to make $2 a pop while half your mall is empty doesnt seem smart to me
  9. I havent been in 8+ years, and am considering going this summer with a friend... The catch is, my friend is large. 350lbs large. Is there a point in attempting this? Will there be enough rides they will be allowed on to?
  10. I was just looking at the mall directory map and was shocked by how few stores there are. Theyve resorted to listing both (3?) floors of shopping on a single image to make it seem more full than it is...
  11. Wow thats incredibly disappointing. For reference, the 5th Ave one is 27k and the Santa Monica one is 45k. I was hoping thered be a massive one here so I could visit the mall. Havent bought clothes in over a year at this point. Obviously Id swing by the theme park LOL
  12. Havent been to this park, but arent water parks traditionally staffed by 16 year olds?
  13. Like 5 years ago, somewhere on the internet I posted: "We will know when the next recession will hit. It will happen right when American Dream sets an opening date" I wish I could find that post
  14. Good article about the park, lots of photos Looks like a blast. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/03/i-was-the-first-person-inside-american-dreams-water-park-heres-what-its-like.html
  15. I just noticed how low six flags is. But like, its way too low. Are they in serious danger, like in 2008, again? If the parks are forced to close during the season, do they have the cash to wait it out?
  16. The price makes me very sad. I don't know why I let myself get excited for this
  17. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/02/a-bunch-of-rides-at-the-water-park-coming-to-american-dream-just-passed-inspection.html Sounds like no one told them they needed inspections until they tried to open
  18. Id throw a fit if they asked me to hand over another $10. Maybe thats what all the security is for.
  19. This is a couple of weeks old, but I didnt see it posted. Explains the price hike Long article worth reading https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/01/american-dream-has-been-open-for-3-months-are-people-going-to-the-mega-mall.html
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