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Most Credit Whorish thing you've ever done

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For my own sake, I don't count anything under 25 MPH as a credit. It's called quality control. If someone has 1,000 credits but they're all from wacky worms, I don't think that should count. Hold on, let me ask the committee for a ruling.




Nope, the committee says no.

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I'll have to go with waiting an hour for a random Mexican kid (Mauricio) at Parque Bicentennial while with TPR to ride a Jungle Mouse. Thanks to last minute quick thinking of Elissa!


You took the words out of my mouth! Except, I don't remember the name of my "Mexican child bride" as my friends called her.


I also drove 500 miles for the Wacky Worm (called Yoppin') at the North Georgia State Fair (at least that's what I told the ride ops), and I talked my way onto the Dragon Wagon at Funtown Pier a few months before Hurricane Sandy destroyed the park.

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Tried to get on the kiddie coaster at King's Dominion but was denied. (Though in my defense, the lady at the front gates of the park measured me and said I was an inch under the 60 inches, got there, and the guy was like nope no way even though I was still under the height limit).


Crazy thing this past labor day weekend, I started out, at Camelback in Pa for the mountain coaster, drove a couple hours to Bowcraft for the Crossbow, then another hour or so with traffic to Funplex in Mount Laurel, and then I braved Clementon, only to find out that Hellcat was closed. (blessing in disguise because Flying Turns at Knoebels ended up being magic 250 different coasters ridden for me ).


So I ended up driving like 8 hours for 3 coasters.

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Probably getting Dragon Coaster at Atlantic Beach Park. While it's only 25 minutes from a spot in Mystic, CT I always visit, it's still about 2 hours away from my hometown. And really, the only reason I wanted to ride it was to get the claim that I've ridden the only operating coaster in Rhode Island (and to get the credit of course )


I've also waited in a 15 minute line at a fair for a dragon wagon (been to the fair many times, and the dragon wagon was new this year), waited out a broken down Ghoster Coaster, and rode both Wacky Worms at Star City.

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My most creditwhorish are my pre and after trips when i'm going on a TPR trip. The 2 week Texas-midwest turned into a 4 week trip from Atlanta-Houston-San Antonio(TPR) -> Cleveland-Buffalo-Toronto-Buffalo. And it could have been longen if i had the money and time...

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I was on my way to Martin's Fantasy Island, and got turned around at the border for having my friend's stuff in my car. I backtracked, got a campground for a day, set up my tent, emptied my car into it, went back to the border, and got across... all for two roller coasters. Never credit whoring again!

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The ones that come to mind are:


I drove to New Southport Pleasureland a month or two ago only knowing about the Spinner and the Wildcat, both ended up being down so I found 3 others, a Go Gator, a Wacky Worm and a Grand Canyon so I rode those instead.


All the kiddie coasters on the China trips! There were a lot of Sliding Dragons there.


Also, getting on the kiddie coasters at CGA, Worlds of Fun and Knotts!


oh and driving two hours in Cyprus to ride a Blizzard! Had no idea if it was still there, operating or anything, just got up that day and decided to go. Was a beautiful drive along the coast though so even if it had been closed I wouldn't have minded.

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