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Most Credit Whorish thing you've ever done

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Little Dipper and Dark Knight Coaster (wild mouse in a box) at SFGAm. Elsewhere, Dare Devil Dive (SFOG) and Superman Ultimate Flight (SFOG and SFGAdv), after having already ridden the local S:UF at SFGAm and knowing full well what to expect (much baddity).

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Back in my ACE days (pre-TPR) I've done 3 parks in 3 states in one day twice.


First was during my solo trip driving 9199 miles to do 28 parks in 24 states in 21 days, centered around SRM. (Google the newsgroup rec.roller-coaster for "9199" for the TR's)


The second Saturday of that trip I hit Ghost Town in the Sky (North Carolina) at opening, drove to Dollywood (Tennessee) in the afternoon, got the credits, and finished the night at Lake Winnepesaukah (Georgia). Pretty tough to do on a Saturday!!



The second time was for an ACE event that started at Whalom (Mass) then I headed up to Funtown (Maine) and finished at Canobie Lake (N.H.).



As far as "whoring" for a single coaster, these come to mind:


J's amusements for their Mad Mouse (Guerneville, CA)


Pixieland for their Flying Dragon (Concord, CA)


Storybookland for Bubbles The Coaster (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)


Funderland for their Flying Dragon (Sacramento)


Fun Town in Lodi, CA


And of course - Draky from the TPR Spain trip in 2007. (Benidorm, Spain) It was my 700th coaster, and they sent us around something like 11 or 12 times. Robb videoed it, and there was a caption game from that as well. (Look up the TPR Spain TR's.)

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Storybookland for Bubbles The Coaster (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)


I missed that credit by a few months when I visited the park in 2000 before it opened.


Even though I drive past the park many times each year on the way to Atlantic City, I can't get myself to pay the $22 to get in just for the credit.

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I went to Adventure City in California to ride the Freeway coaster. I think the Ticket lady was worried about me so I had to prove I was a coaster enthusiast and then word-vomited a ton of coaster facts until she realized I was an enthusiast and not an amber alert person. Anyway, I got my credit, thanked the lady, and left to Go to Knott's.



Nice park, I'd like to get back there again.

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For my own sake, I don't count anything under 25 MPH as a credit. It's called quality control.


A coaster can be slower than 25 MPH but still awesome and terrifying. Then again the only terrifying thing about this is that it has no upstop wheels and Lakemont park is in charge of maintaining it when they really don't maintain much of anything.


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The low point in my life was borrowing a kid to get the kiddie credit at La Ronde. Eternal shame was the trade off for that credit. I probably wouldn't do anything like that again.

You're pretty unlucky, I got that credit legit when I was a kid

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I haven't done it yet, but as soon as I get the opportunity to go to Kennywood, I'm going straight to the potato patch. If that doesn't happen, I'm going to train myself to become a lucid dreamer so I can taste the fries in my dreams.


How does that make you Whorish?

I like putting fries in my butt.

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Credits were never my thing.


I guess that's why I leave my banner from Club TPR blank for coaster counts (I've just never kept track)


Same here. I counted for a while and hit 100 on the second day of the 2011 Northeast tour, then I just stopped counting. I skipped a couple of boomerangs, an SLC, one side of Rolling Thunder, and several kiddie coasters on that trip. I value quality over quantity.

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