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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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Apparently this is the actual ride speed.




This is one of those times when I wish people (talking about whoever made the video here) wouldn't add to the stupidity. Actual ride speed according to whom? If you don't think the video is at the right speed, relax and wait for more video, don't make a guess and then tell people you've "corrected" it. Clearly this person overcompensated in the other direction.


That said, the latest video looks fantastic! Still looks like it loses a good amount of speed by the end but it looks like it ends at basically a good spot. Every airtime hill delivers and if the helix is a little sluggish, ehh so what?

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Right now, I'm beating myself up as I asked out loud, "Why aren't you going to Kentucky Kingdom this year?" Then I stop myself and reply that I have other parks that I'll be visiting and that big vacation trip I got planned for a whole month traveling around Florida.


Besides, there's always next year . . .



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