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  1. Here's the link. I always liked how you could find a top tier kiddy ride in almost every pocket of the park, but the majority of the markets out there have a designated area for the little ones, and it really makes sense to have it that way. Great for families: Older siblings and parents want to go off and ride the coasters, Space Shot, or Storm Chaser? Have grandma stay and spend time in "The Barnyard" with her grandchildren. Plus, if they continue to add to this area, I can totally see them slowly taking smaller rides out from around the park (or moving them) so there's more land for the
  2. You'd think... If I recall, Monster was announced in July of 2015?? I think Storm Chaser was later into the summer of 2013. So... Hopefully soon A small change that I just noticed is that Adventureland updated their website. Looks like they're really trying to rebrand that they're a resort, with a hotel as well as a theme park. The previous site was MUCH better than the original (if anyone remembers that mess), but it never felt super user friendly and they didn't update it as much as I thought they could. This one looks slick. My graphic design friend tells me that the internet is mo
  3. ^^I'm so glad that people from outside my home state appreciate this park for what it is. Also, Adventureland finally posted a photo on their Facebook page showing off the new lights on the Sky Wheel. It looks beautiful. Can't wait for videos. Lastly, I found another fantastic photo of the park recently. The park is using it as their cover photo and it really does show how much the skyline changed with Monster.
  4. -Back last year when The Monster was announced and more and more people started finding out about my home park I got giddy and hopped over to the “5 year plan” thread to write down my thoughts on what Adventureland would look like in the future. This was before the 2015 season ended and I just wanted to point out that two of the things I predicted for smaller improvements had happened way before I thought they would. Kinda cool… makes me feel like a mind reader. Hopefully my other predictions will come true! Anyway this was my original post. “2015 - Small improvements. / Star Wars battle
  5. Double post. Stupid computer. It's not the operator I promise
  6. Yeah, Cedar Fair likes to be clever when it comes to things like this. I mean we might be overanalyzing here but when it comes to announcements in this industry EVERY. WORD. COUNTS.
  7. I agree with all of these statements. Glad you enjoyed the park. It's no Six Flags like Allen said but it's definitely something everyone needs to experience. Still haven't been on Monster so thanks for rubbing it in but from all of these reviews I know it's going to be fantastic.
  8. Wanted to just post a trip report about my visit on Wednesday the 13th. Sorry but no pictures. You're gonna have to read. I picked my cousins up on the 9th from the train station and brought them to my hometown in southwest Iowa. They're from Chicago and rode Amtrak to central Iowa. I brought them home to visit my sisters and parents for a couple days and that's when we started planning a trip to the park. We choise Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week. I was thinking small crowds, little to no lines, walk on rides!!! Neither one of them had ever been to Adventureland so I was e
  9. Adventureland is on the train. From the park's Facebook page. "We caught ALLLLLLL the Pokemon!! (But seriously, we've been told we have at least 12 Pokestops in the park). Go catch 'em!"
  10. Yeah, it looks like the coaster will have some great synergy with the log flume. I love it when a new ride is built around another. A totally new experience for the old one
  11. Check out this great trip report by Apollo von Sol. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72149
  12. Sounds like a fun time! Hope both families enjoy the park. You'll love the cabanas. And your plan of attack sounds great. Only thing I would add is that you should note that the water park closes at 7 while the actual park closes at 9 tomorrow. With this in mind, because there is only one main entrance you and your families will have to trek back to the front at the end of the day and you'll still have 2 hours at the least to re-ride on the dry side. I haven't been there this year yet but I've heard that riding Monster at night is a totally different experience! Other rides such as the Sky
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