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  1. Haven't been on here for a while but wanted to send a quick update from KCCI. When they said Flying Viking would be the park's seventh coaster I had to double check... I remember growing up in Iowa when this place only had four! A lot has happened to Adventureland since I moved but it will be a good day when I'm finally able to visit again. Hoping for a successful opening day and 2023 season!
  2. Here's the link. I always liked how you could find a top tier kiddy ride in almost every pocket of the park, but the majority of the markets out there have a designated area for the little ones, and it really makes sense to have it that way. Great for families: Older siblings and parents want to go off and ride the coasters, Space Shot, or Storm Chaser? Have grandma stay and spend time in "The Barnyard" with her grandchildren. Plus, if they continue to add to this area, I can totally see them slowly taking smaller rides out from around the park (or moving them) so there's more land for the future. [Maybe they want to keep the essence of having milder rides scattered throughout their property though, who knows?] I've always been really impressed with Adventureland's additions, and planning for the improvement to the park, but this younger generation of management has really impressed me. They just have a great awareness to what is happening in the ride industry, and what's the best addition for them. They attend the same big conventions and expos that the Cedar Fair and the Six Flags teams do. But they make intelligent decisions that work for them. They took a chance on Mondial and Gerstlauer in the recent past and it brought recognition, respect, and that sweet sweet $$$$$$$
  3. You'd think... If I recall, Monster was announced in July of 2015?? I think Storm Chaser was later into the summer of 2013. So... Hopefully soon A small change that I just noticed is that Adventureland updated their website. Looks like they're really trying to rebrand that they're a resort, with a hotel as well as a theme park. The previous site was MUCH better than the original (if anyone remembers that mess), but it never felt super user friendly and they didn't update it as much as I thought they could. This one looks slick. My graphic design friend tells me that the internet is moving (and has been for a while now) towards minimalism and a smoother top down format. https://www.adventurelandresort.com/
  4. ^^I'm so glad that people from outside my home state appreciate this park for what it is. Also, Adventureland finally posted a photo on their Facebook page showing off the new lights on the Sky Wheel. It looks beautiful. Can't wait for videos. Lastly, I found another fantastic photo of the park recently. The park is using it as their cover photo and it really does show how much the skyline changed with Monster.
  5. -Back last year when The Monster was announced and more and more people started finding out about my home park I got giddy and hopped over to the “5 year plan” thread to write down my thoughts on what Adventureland would look like in the future. This was before the 2015 season ended and I just wanted to point out that two of the things I predicted for smaller improvements had happened way before I thought they would. Kinda cool… makes me feel like a mind reader. Hopefully my other predictions will come true! Anyway this was my original post. “2015 - Small improvements. / Star Wars battle pods. / New beer tents by Storm Chaser and Sky Ride. (Update: Built new bridge to Dragon Island 2015) [Known] 2016 - Tearing down of Log Flume. / Monster roller coaster from Gerstlauer (First coaster for the park in 20 years). / (Update: Lights added to Space Shot and Monster) [Known] 2017 - Small improvements. / Refurbished bridge to Dragon Island. (Update: 2015) / Add lights on all coasters. (Update: 2016) 2018 - Build new log ride in the area of Raging River with lights and on ride photo. 2019 - Small kiddie ride. 2020 - New Coaster OR Tear down Dragon rebuild replacement OR tear down Tornado and rebuild replacement by RMC. All years are very realistic for my home park except for 2020. I really am curious where they will go after 2016 with Monster. Truthfully I can see them being quiet for 10 more years only adding little additions but you never know. The past five years have been BIG for them. Why stop now?” -BUT Because Adventureland is a smaller park and I’m quite certain that they will only be adding major rides every other year I’ll make a 10 year plan. That’s a lot more fun anyway. 2017- Off Year / Park Improvements (add lights on the rest of the coasters / repave the parking light) 2018- Build new log flume somewhere by Raging River, hopefully with lighting package. 2019- Off Year / Park Improvements (new sign for the entrance of the park) 2020- Small additions to Adventure Bay and new kiddie rides added around the park (many parks have designated kids areas, but Adventureland has always had them placed throughout. I don’t have a problem with this and actually kind of like it. I feel like it balances out the family aspect wherever you go). 2021- Off Year / Park Improvements 2022- Build a new themed area with a unique flat ride AND/OR tower ride behind Saw Mill splash and the circus. 2023- Off Year / Park Improvements 2024- 50 year anniversary! I think this is where we would see the next new coaster added. Tear down Dragon and rebuild replacement or RMC treatment to Tornado.(Crossing my fingers that the Dragon goes.) 2025- Off Year / Park Improvements 2026- This is the year I think that the park starts growing out. I’m pretty sure I read a couple years ago that they bought the land that is currently holding the cornfields west of 34ths ave. I can see them hopping the road and either A. adding on to the waterpark with more slides, pools and maybe even a water coaster or B. theming the new area into something fresh and new for the future. (That's a big speculation though, don't know if they did buy it or if they ever will) P.S. There’s lots of room for a huge, state of the art coaster over there... just saying .
  6. Double post. Stupid computer. It's not the operator I promise
  7. Yeah, Cedar Fair likes to be clever when it comes to things like this. I mean we might be overanalyzing here but when it comes to announcements in this industry EVERY. WORD. COUNTS.
  8. I agree with all of these statements. Glad you enjoyed the park. It's no Six Flags like Allen said but it's definitely something everyone needs to experience. Still haven't been on Monster so thanks for rubbing it in but from all of these reviews I know it's going to be fantastic.
  9. Wanted to just post a trip report about my visit on Wednesday the 13th. Sorry but no pictures. You're gonna have to read. I picked my cousins up on the 9th from the train station and brought them to my hometown in southwest Iowa. They're from Chicago and rode Amtrak to central Iowa. I brought them home to visit my sisters and parents for a couple days and that's when we started planning a trip to the park. We choise Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week. I was thinking small crowds, little to no lines, walk on rides!!! Neither one of them had ever been to Adventureland so I was excited to show off my home park. That was a big reason I was so exited to go, the other being Monster. Still they were super pumped to go too, but because they had a Six Flags in their backyard I wanted everything to go perfectly when we arrived... and then the night before I looked at the park's facebook page and saw that the ride would be closed through the end of the week. I was beyond pissed not because it was closed, but because it it had been working fine the whole summer and out of ALL the damn weeks the ride chose to need maintenance it picked this one. I informed my cousins about the news and although they were bummed we all still wanted to go. On the way there one of my cousins stated that all he could fathom when he imagined the park was a big county fair. I just smiled and kept driving. We got in around 11 (park opens at 10) and once we entered the park one of my cousins pulled out his phone and informed us that there were a bunch of gyms and pokestops. This gave us an even greater experience throughout the day since all of my cousins and I had downloaded the Pokemon Go game only days before. We headed for Space Shot first and got a couple good rides in. (Personally love S & S and honestly think their rides are underrated) After that we hit Storm Chaser. My older cousin (20) looked up at the spinning ride while we were in line and boasted about how slow and easy the ride looked from down on the ground. Completely different story when we were finally up in the air. He loved it and I could scene some fear in him too Then we took on Tornado. Now, I have recently heard a lot of complaints for this ride. About how it's getting old and rickety and just not an overall good ride experience anymore, but I'll tell you what, when we were coming back from the last turn I thought to myself "This baby is working better than ever." It was the favorite coaster of the day. We started towards the back of the park when the rain came in. It poured for almost an hour and it was coming town HARD. One of my cousins recommended for us to get some shelter and see the magic show and that was fun. The show was only 20 minutes but once it was over we played on our phones (thank you Pokemon Go) and then worked our way to the Dragon. The rain was slowly stopping while we were waiting in line... probably the longest line of the day for us... about 10 minutes. I wasn't super exited to ride for reasons I don't need to type, but once we got on and rode it wasn't actually that bad. I know I'll be the minority on this but if you keep your head back and are aware of the bunny hills of death towards the beginning, the ride is actually really fun. I know more than half of the people on here would love to see it ripped out of the ground though. After the Dragon we headed to Outlaw Gulch where we rode my one of my favorite woodies (usually this one beats out Tornado for me but it was a close second for this visit). We then rode some flats, got some food and headed to the water park. When we got into Adventure Bay it was 80 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Like a brand new day compared to when it was raining only 3 hours earlier. Gotta love Iowa weather. The cousins loved the slides, especially the mat racers. We got about 10 races in. It was a very fun experience to race four of your closest family members down some speed slides. Something I had never done, I highly recommend it. Then we hit the wave pool, changed back into our cloths and hit the dry side of the park once more. Another thing I noted on this trip is that the park has A LOT of games as well as rides. I mean there are 3 HUGE gaming areas in the park. We played games throughout the day and because my family is very competitive and doesn't give up, we finally won a giant Charmander. Thought it was appropriate for the theme of the day. The only bad part of the day was that the Monster wasn't open and I know that it would have been the biggest highlight by far. It's tough when you walk into the chicken shack to get lunch and ask the two teens working the register what their favorite ride is at the park, only to hear them reply "MONSTER!" at the same exact time... Overall my family from the big city loved the park. The whole car ride back they went on and on about how easy and fast it was to get onto rides. My older cousin stated that at Six Flags they would sometimes only get in four rides the whole day because of waits. They loved the small park charm but said that the rides were 1st class. I think the water park was a big one for them as we ended up talking about those races all night long. And even though it was horrible at first that the Monster was closed, I found myself not caring as the day went on because we were having such a fun time without it. Plus I offered to the group that we could come back next year and ride it. Guess it gives us an excuse to visit the park again! I highly recommend taking your family and friends to Adventureland. Even if your home park is considered bigger and better. I invite you to come check it out, and have your already very low expectations crushed A photo of the family. From left to right Bobby (cousin), Me, Grace (sister), Kristen (cousin), Jason (cousin)
  10. Adventureland is on the train. From the park's Facebook page. "We caught ALLLLLLL the Pokemon!! (But seriously, we've been told we have at least 12 Pokestops in the park). Go catch 'em!"
  11. Yeah, it looks like the coaster will have some great synergy with the log flume. I love it when a new ride is built around another. A totally new experience for the old one
  12. Check out this great trip report by Apollo von Sol. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72149
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