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Musical Instruments


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Play or played? Ha-ha! Well, I used to play the Chello, Tenor Sax and Guitar. The guitar is currently collecting dust. Needs new strings and when I have the time I would like to re teach myself how to play. I played the sax on a daily basis 5th-7th grade. So, needless to say, it has been a while. A couple of years ago I had the itching to learn the sax again. So I went to the local music store and bought myself a nice new shiny one. I play it every now and then, but still re-learning. hopfully I will have the money to be avble to afford lessons. Eh, I also want to learn the piano. One thing at a time, right?

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I guess I'll add to the thread that rose from the dead. I've been playing drums for about 20 years. I haven't played in the last year and a half since the guitar player in my band died. With a 9 month old son, there hasn't been a lot of extra time to play anyway. I really miss taking out my aggression on the skins though.



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I play trumpet and the various variations on it (cornet, fluegelhorn...). I used to play in the Las Vegas Brass Band when I was in High School, which was rather cool since we made a CD my freshman year which is being sold in the UK, Japan and Australia I think. But since I'm in college now and my life is engineering, I don't play too often and when I do its usually playing ska stuff like Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legends, Mustard Plug and the like.

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I play:


Drum Kit (Really well)



Keybourd (Not the best)


and basicaly the purcussion area of instruments. I also play for my school band for various different instruments. You can call me musically tallented *cough cough*

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Probably posted here but anyway I play....


Guitar - Grade 7/8. Played for about 5 years.


Bass - Grade 8. Played for about 3/4 years.


Drums - Not sure what grade but I would say i'm ok. Not my main priority but I would love to get better.


Would love to learn to play the Piano one day.

Oh yeah Lou, I started playing Bass because of Flea and I saw the Chili's in august! I was right in front of Flea!!!!!!! Best day of my life!

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I play the piano. I've been playing for 10 years, and I've been a member of the American College of Student Musicians since I was 7. I've played at the national piano playing evaluations and earned 5 gold pins, 1 bronze pin, and 1 composer pin.


Though I would never spend my free time playing the piano, I don't think I have the time to play any other instrument.


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I've been playing the Tuba for about four or five years now, and I'm actually one of the best in the county - I made first chair for All County last year, and the time I auditioned for All County (I think it was two years before that - I didn't do it in seventh grade because I didn't like the hours of the two rehearsals - 3 hours for one, and 6 for the other) On my NYSSMA solo last year (In New York State its where you get judged on a solo) I did a level 5 (out of 6) and I got a 95 out of 100. I was also to sight read (read a short piece of music I never saw before) and memorize over a dozen scales which the judge picked three at random. I'm now a rookie Sousaphone in the Baldwinsville Marching Band, and it's really fun, except our show isn't really good this year, and we haven't won a single first place trophy yet this year - and there's only one competition left for the season.

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In marching band (high school and college) I played tenor sax. In symphonic band, I either played Bb clarnet, Eb clarinet, bassoon, or flute. In jazz band I used to play the bari sax (and some flute in college jazz band)


All other instruments that I can play includes:


Piccolo, French Horn (with a French horn mouthpiece) some Oboe, and very little English Horn.


learning them helps when you arrange music for bands. (But yet I'm a programmer instead of a music instructor, go figure. )

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