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  1. It looks like a 180 degree turn for the drop. So it's already better than SUF!
  2. Travis and Adam only survived because they spent 10 minutes trying to put the flames out on each other.
  3. Hades tunnel by far. Voyages triple down. Loch Ness helix cave thingy. Tunnels in general are pretty awesome.
  4. I think most of the inverts are over rated. Both sides of DD were okay in my opinion, the helix after the Immelman on Fire was the best part, but otherwise I wasn't too thrilled. The only thing I liked about Alpengeist was the drop and the first immelman. I just don't like Raptor, and I personally think it's the most overrated invert out there. My favorite invert is still and probably will always be Batman: The Ride at SFGAm. Everythings intense, fast, and it's the one thing all the others lack IMO.
  5. Thanks for all the tips guys! I'll be heading out to the park in a few hours. I will be there for two days so all of this really helped. Thanks again!
  6. I'll be at BGE Friday and Saturday. Just wondering if anybody has any advice on what to do first/seats/food etc. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks.
  7. Have to put that on a t-shirt. also if anyone wants to view the video without waiting for the video to load on the website its on youtube already.
  8. You could get a picture of the crate on the front of the shirt and have a question mark above/below it.
  9. Glad to see you enjoyed our wonderful city. All these TR's lately of SFGAm are making realize I take my home park for granted.
  10. Gonna say its WOF's. I'm not really diggin the layout too much though.
  11. I want more CoD5 details. Im pretty ticked that they dropped the Modern Warfare stuff for WWII again. But I'm curious...
  12. Ahhh two new stories from CP this weekend. Magnums lift for 10 minutes. Some idiot with a camera. Millennium Forces lift for around 15-20. I still have no idea what happened. Maintenance just came up and told us the ride would start soon. In around 20 minutes we were off.
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