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  1. ^ Add Tidal Wave to the Batman queue and you've got the space for something pretty big... Yup, the employee cafeteria is behind Food Etc., worked there in '85 through '86. (Actually in '85 Food Etc. was called Oasis.) For those of you youngins out there, that was when MM bragged about adding their FIFTH coaster... Shockwave! Sean
  2. Aaaah the memories. I can't believe that it has been a year! I am pretty sure I'm in a couple of those shots. Especially the 1:00 AM and everybody starts to crash. The sad part is that I have only been back to ride it once since the media day. Oh well the perils of new fatherhood... Sean
  3. SFMM's sky ride was removed after the earthquake. It had nothing to do with the construction of new rides...
  4. But would the same thing happen if I drink a coke 1 hour from now???
  5. I guess I'll add to the thread that rose from the dead. I've been playing drums for about 20 years. I haven't played in the last year and a half since the guitar player in my band died. With a 9 month old son, there hasn't been a lot of extra time to play anyway. I really miss taking out my aggression on the skins though. Sean
  6. Talk about broken records, when was the last time you were at MM? Care to guess when the last park guest was killed by a gang member or any other reason? Try going to Knott's during Haunt on a Saturday and see how many gang members are there. In close to 30 years of going to MM, I have personally witnessed 2 gang related events, while the last time I went to Knott's for Haunt (and I stress the last time), while waiting for a maze a gang fight broke out behind me in line. So statistically, I'm batting 1000 for gangs @ Knott's and somewhere around 0000.5 for MM. Sean
  7. Congratulations to the 3 of you! It's weird because friday my son turned 9 months old, so you have been pregnant almost all of my son's life... Don't worry too much about the fact that she was 35wks, 6days. My son was 36wks, 6days and the nurses said that he was healthier than most full term babies. Now, get some sleep while you can, you have a lot of restless nights ahead. Sean
  8. Actually, this is not true. When IBM rewrote OS/400 (now i5OS), it involved about 3 times as much code as Windows Vista since the rewrite involved a completely new architecture. In order to support any new processor variations, the operating system was written with a hardware abstraction layer. Think of how Java code is able to run on any operating system, but apply it to an operating system allowing it to run on any processor. Just my $.02. Sean
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