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  1. COD4, just got IL-2 Sturmovik also Skate on the PS3.
  2. Don't worry about it man, 90% of the people you meet in High School you'll never even speak to again.
  3. PQ is the same, Amazon usually has good deals on BDs.
  4. Yes i am, DirecTV and a 50'' Panny plasma.
  5. The nerve.......who knows what kind of shady deal my uncle is involved in, but he has two Xbox360 holiday bundles asking me if i know anyone who wants to buy one. I know he's trying to make some money, but to ask me that when he knows i've always wanted one and he has them in some box on the floor like a piece of rubbish he's using to turn a profit is sick. Doesn't deserve to hold the power of the Xenos.
  6. Download cpu-z and it should tell you everything. You can visit crucial.com to scan your comp for possible upgrades.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA1NoOOoaNw
  8. Lord of War - Highly Recommend it. 9/10 I've been meaning to see it, but i need the house to be alone otherwise i'll get made fun of............plus it has Anne Hathaway's boobs i hear
  9. Wow, i guess they should have sold SFMM, who knew it would burn to the ground. ^ SF rules, i would.
  10. Drums, hopefully someday i can learn the piano and bass guitar.
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