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  1. Game of Thrones Breaking Bad The Legend of Korra My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
  2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collectors Edition DVD Alfred Hitchcock (almost) complete collection DVD Movie thingy encyclopedia Dorm Room air freshener. meh...
  3. here's the band i'm in now. I play Tenor Sax http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh7uaWIrKhU/
  4. finally got The Orange Box for the PC. HL2: amazing HL2 E1: epic HL2 E2: Godly Portal: holy crap fun TF2: my new addiction...*twitch*
  5. http://www.youtube.com/user/spacemountaineer91#p/a/u/0/6rPhUVrdZ9A yeah....that's me. eh! check out my films and new footage from the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention!
  6. wow...THAT....WAS......EPIC!!! ...10/10 anything below that is the worst reviewer i've ever seen. GREAT with Gary Sinse and Robb making a cameo! i'm just speechless
  7. FINALLY!!! someone else saw [REC.] seriously guys.....see it before you see the american remake
  8. The Haunting In Connecticut nothing new here. boringm, stupid,...yeah...worth a low rental but NOTHING IS NEW HERE!!! come on Lionsgate! get something orginal!!! 1.4/5
  9. Watchmen a very good translation that makes me want to see the Directors cut (40 minutes longer) I was ok with every change excpept 1....the ending. It was just out of place and killed it for me. overall: 8/10
  10. Philmont is absolutely EPIC!! You absolutely have to go - it's the best thing, IMO, scouting has to offer. I WANT TO GO BAAACK TO PHILMONT!!!! i love it! did you go over Baldy or The Tooth of Time?? I am currently working on my eagle badge and am a Life Scout. I'll post my pic from philmont a little later.
  11. THANKS!!! i've done this on like, 4 sites and now i know that i have other people's support.... THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  12. The Link is now working, sorry about that! Please vote for me. 1 vote per 24 hour pierod THANKS!!!
  13. Hello, I'm masterofthematrix91, AKA: Zach For a hobby and future career I make movies and enter film contests to try and get my name out there and make better material. I use Final Cut Express in a school class called Mass Media. There is only a few downers to this idea: i'm 17, and we have little or no actors, props and well....anything. For a recent contest (for teen driving saftey in work zones), i have entered they let the people decide the best video (worth 20% of the total score). I am asking (begging) for your vote for my video. Voting starts March 1st through the 10th. If you will please help me, i would appreciate it VERY MUCH! My video is called "BTB: The Message" Here is the link: http://www.betweenthebarrels.com/list-videos/20# THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE's SUPPORT!!!! Zach Martin AKA masterofthematrix91
  14. Slumdog Millionare: WOW great cinematrgraphy!! OMG! also its a great film and story. 9.5/10 The Wrestler: A- Waltz With Bashir: going to see tonight! heard good stuff about it.
  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! why????? it was great!.......i guess the mags i have now are collectables!
  16. ^ You will enjoy it! its worth evvery penny and then some! but seriously, i want to see it agian before it goes out of theatres. i'm getting the book at my library, which, from what I hear is good as well.
  17. ^ hey someone else has actually seen Let The Right One In!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!! sorry, i just had to say that
  18. The Spirit I will quote my movie review site on this..."ASSSSSSTasitc!" WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! i walked out after 40 min F- master91
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