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Favorite Dark Ride

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I've not tried lots of Dark Rides, but I think the best are:


-The Labyrinth of the Minotaur(Terra Mítica, Spain)

-Challenge of Tuthankamon(Wailibi Belgium)

-Phantom Manor(Disneyland Park, France)

-Droomvlutch(De Efteling, Holland)

-the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman(IoA, USA)


See you!

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I liked the Smurf dark ride when it was at Kings Island. Mostly for sentimental reasons.


I also like a bunch down in Orlando- The Cat in the Hat, Spiderman and many more.


The new one at the Hard Rock Park looks pretty cool- the acid trip one

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I've got a softspot for the defunct "Voyage to the Moon" at StoryLand (Glen, NH). Nobody else seems to remember it though....


Regarding dark-rides in general, I tend to appreciate the old-school rides more. I'm already tired of the new-gen. dark-rides (shooters included). It seems as though all the campy animatronics have been foregone in favor of blacklit cardboard cutouts. Garfield, Scooby, and that annoying turkey ride...they all look the same to me. Just my two cents.

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I actually really like dark rides. Granted I haven't been on many (I haven't bee to too many parks) but the ones I have been on have all been pretty fun. Spiderman at IOA was tremendous, Mummy at USO was also pretty good. Another one that is quirky but still fun is the Mine of Lost Souls at Canobie Lake Park. It's clearly an older one, and I never really understood how the two mummy scenes work into the whole Grim Reaper/abandoned mine theme, but it is still a fun one.


In short:


1. Spiderman

2. Revenge of the Mummy

3. Mine of Lost Souls

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Dark rides for the most part are average to me. Most of them, I don't consider great, but Dinosaur, and Indiana Jones I do at Disney. The reridable factor for Spiderman, Roger Rabbit, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and so on aren't that good for me as in the same day compared to a ride I think is great like Dinosaur I have literally ridden that thing for a couple hours. Of course, you have to get back in line, watch the pre-show (or try to ignore it), and basically go around.

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All of my favorite dark rides are now defunct. Sure, I love Ghostwood Estate, but even if I ever get to ride the great classics that still exist elsewhere in the world, Le Cachot, Gold Rusher and the old Old Mill (before that Garfield abomination) will always be at the top of my list.

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Monster Plantation at SFOG will always be my favorite. I was terrified of the "marsh" part of it when I was a kid. I've been hearing those rumors for years about re-theming it to Scooby-Doo, but I really doubt they'll do that. It's a popular, classic attraction. The line for it is usually always long. It would be a big mistake if they ever did re-theme.

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I absolutely LOVE dark rides. My favorites are basically in the giants in the theme park world (Disney, Universal).


Spiderman- this ride is awesome but I have a few words to say about Darkastle, its ugly twin. lol Feel free to look at my rant at: www.bgescape.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=137&st=0&p=20459entry20459 .


POTC- the disneyland version is MUCH better than Florida's version but I like them both

TOT- MGM's version is the best hands down

Dinosaur & Indiana Jones- Belive it or not, to this day, Dinosaur scares the living shizznit out of me at when the carnotaur is around! lol There I said it! I'll ride it 50 times in a row, but I scream like a girl every time! lol I love the thrill.

Spaceship Earth- I liked it MUCH better before the recent horrible "renovation"

MIB- I'd take MIB over Buzz ANY day!

Universe of Energy (AKA Ellen: the Ride! lol)- As crazy as it sounds this is up there in my favorites list! I guess I like the nostalgia about it since I've been riding it ever since I can remember. I also LOVE the soundtrack for the ride!

The Great Movie Ride- It's too bad Disney blocked the view of the beautiful entrance to the ride with the idiotic sorcerers hat!

Alien Encounter- There should be a petition to rip out Stitch: the Ride and put back in this awesome ride/show! idk if its actually a dark ride, but half of it is in the dark, so that should be dark ride-esque enough! lol


Those are the ones that grab my attention at the moment. Dang, all of those are from either Disney or Universal! Man ,I feel like an add for Disney and Universal rides! lol On a side note, I have a feeling that the new anchor attraction planned for the Harry Potter expansion at Islands of Adventure is going to be one of my favorites when in debuts! I can't wait![/b]

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Considering I wasn't into coasters until recently dark rides were pretty much all I rode. My favorites all happen to be Disney rides, like alot of others have said here, they seem to be king in the dark ride department. Only dark ride outside of Disney I enjoyed was Spiderman at Universal along with a few others there(spiderman stands out the most). I love Splash mountain, Tower of Terror, pirates of the carribean(way before it was a movie), Haunted mansion, Soarin, and well pretty much anything disney as to offer on that front.


Now that I love coasters I've been riding them more often but if I were tempted with a disney dark ride I might just have to choose disney.(would be a real hard choice though)

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The now defunct "Haunted Mansion" knock-off at Parmount's Kings Island. What was it called? "Phantom Theater" or something like that. All I know is, when I was a kid, that ride freak'n rocked.


I'm a big fan of "Alice In Wonder" at DLR also. If anyone see's Alice, ask her why she hasn't returned any of my phone calls? At what's with the restraining order? Wasn't I good to you baby


Hahahahaha that was funny. Anyway my favorite is The Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Florida. Oh wait....Spiderman At IOA. I like that one even more!

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Counting only strict dark rides, these were the most memorable to me over time. All were at DLR/DCA as those are the only places I've ridden good dark rides.


1. it's a small world

2. Indiana Jones

3. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

4. Monsters, Inc.


I like the creepy stuff!


I also liked POTC and Haunted Mansion of course.


Branching out, I also love shooting dark rides, but it's hard to step back and rate them as "just" dark rides.

Of course, I also love Space Mountain. It's my favorite Disneyland roller coaster and my second favorite Disneyland ride.

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My top five dark rides are all at the Disneyland Resort in California.


1. Haunted Mansion

2. Indiana Jones Adventure

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

4. Toy Story Midway Mania

5. Alice in Wonderland


My favorite dark ride outside of a Disney park is the Lost Kingdom Adventure at Legoland California (comes in 8th on my list overall).


For my ranking system, I consider a dark ride to be any ride that is fully or mostly enclosed in a building with show elements and that does not have any thrill elements. For this reason, I do not consider rides like Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, or any dark roller coasters to be dark rides. Indiana Jones is really in a gray area but since I don't have anywhere else to put it I consider it a dark ride. In addition, rides like Jurassic Park are disqualified because they are outdoors.

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