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  1. It seems Furius Baco has got a terrain problem, exactly, in the lake section of the coaster. The problems are in the Base of the supports, and maybe they'll have to make again them... Here you have a text in Spanish: Posted by: Ukume(PortAventura Worker) in www.pa-community.com forums. I'm going to PortAventura in 20 days and I've never ridden that coaster... I won't try Furius until 2008 PS: Sorry about my English...
  2. Oh please... tell me that that post was only a rumor! Iberia is the most amazing area of the park, the place is magic for me, I love its theming, and it's true that the only important ride there is the SLC, but the area is amazing... The beach, the streets, the theming, the shows, the gardens... Did you see Brave Train queues? They're probbably, with Furius Baco ones, the best in Spain... Sorry for this stupid post, but I'm confused, and it seems that the TPRs talk with someone important of Terra Mítica. Oh! If anyone knows anything about Ibéria's area(Terra Mítica), here you've a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-pmAjLrSyI Hope you enjoy it! PS: Awesome reviews! Can't wait for the reports
  3. PortAventura was originally projected by Anheuser Busch in asociation with the Catalan Government, they both planned and built the park, and in 1998 Universal bought some actions(¿?) of the park, so the managment of the park was: laCaixa(Catalan Bank) 40%, Universal Studios 37%, Anheuser Busch 20%. In 2004 Universal decided to sell their park actions, so the managment of the park was: La Caixa 80%, Anheuser Busch 16%, Other 5%, but the parck gives a 1'5% of the benefit to Universal so they can have their characters and their technology in rides & shows like Templo del Fuego, FiestAventura or Sea Oddissey. So, maybe PortAventura is the luckiest park in Europe, it was managed by two of the most important park managers of the world. I has to be a cool park and it is! Can't wait for the TRs in Tibidabo and Festilandia, tomorrow I'll see you at Terra Mítica
  4. I want to see more of Big Mike! PS: Some people from Terra Mítica(Workers) have told me that the two new rides will open on 7/7... Will you have ERT there? They're already testing them during this week.
  5. TPRs in Spain, you've to see the show "China Town"!! Is simply fantastic, and it hasn't got a dialogue in Spanish, the actors are Chinese people and the show is incredibly amazing, don't miss it! Oh! Good TR, I prefer the Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza one, this is so serious and short... Can't wait for your 2nd day in PA Photo TR! PS: All you look like you're having a good time, and you haven't visited the other two "big theme parks" in Spain, Terra Mítica and Parque Warner! Have a big time!! PS.2: Are you visiting Caribe Aquatic Park?
  6. I saw one time the SLC "Tizona" located in Terra Mítica that it made a E-Stop. Nobody did nothing, the operator of the ride push some buttons and the lift chain came back to the station transporting the train. I think that is the reason because SLCs don't have a evacuate plattform, but I don't know it exactly.
  7. Can't wait for more!!! Each TR is better than the last, and, at the moment, Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza one is the best! I've to go on Friday to see you in Terra Mítica, all you are so funny! Thanks to everyone in the trip, because when I arrive home I just want to sit in front of the PC and see the next funny Photo TR! Oh, and a little question for the ones who are in Spain: In Isla Màgica, did you see the show "El Motín" or you only rode the rides? See you!
  8. I'm 14 and my first 'coaster' was a Zamperla's Dragon in a little kiddie park in Benidorm, I think its name was "Dracky" My first coaster in a theme park was a dissappeared kiddie coaster in Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, I was so young that I don't remember the name...
  9. Question! Are you going to sell more T-shirts? I just love the TPR Cartoons one, and I want it!! I ask this because I have to pay 20$(10$[T-shirt] + 10$[shipping to Europe]) for each T-shirt and I don't know if it's better to buy the logo one or wait a few months and buy the Cartoons one. See you!
  10. Nice update! Can't wait for Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza and PortAventura ones! PS: I know the guy you took a photo with!!
  11. LOOOL! Very funny POV! It seems Robb likes bonus helix in SLCs, what a strange thing... Very short but nice Photo TR! See you!
  12. Nice Photo TR! The video is fantastic, and you broke your first coaster here because... "Spain is different" Have a nice trip and enjoy your visit in Isla Màgica today, yesterday it was its 10th Anniversary, maybe they're doing something special... PS: Get ready for Coaster Express(PWM), Diablo: Tren de la Mina(PA) and Magnus Colossus... THEY'RE KILLERS!!
  13. I have to work all the morning since 1pm, buy maybe I'll go to Terra Mítica after that to see you! I hope you'll have a good journey! PS.: Oh! One thing, Terra Mítica starts with the Summer NightShows and the opening from 10.00am to 1.00am the day after you go there... What a pity... PS.2: Have you called to Terra Mítica? Anyone knows when will Inferno & Infinnito be aviable to ride them, a worker said to some of us that they will be open de 7th July... You should call the park and ask for some ERT in these rides if they're not opened. PS.3: Don't forget to see these shows: -PortAventura: China Town & FiestAventura -Parque Warner: Batman Begins -Isla Mágica: El Motín & El Misterio del Lago(The mistery of the lake) -Terra Mítica: Barbarroja(RedBeard) & Tarantela(this is optional, if you're bored you can see it, it's not a bad show) There are a lot of excellent Street Shows like Maverick el Tahúr(PA), Este arca No é(IM) or El Torneo, but they have dialogues in Spanish, so you won't understand nothing... Now yes, Hope you have fun! PS.4: Sorry for my bad English
  14. A worker from the park told us that Intamin is adding some magnets in the layout of Inferno, so the trains will roll more than Kirnu's ones.
  15. Hi Robb! I write you from Spain, and I want you(or anybody) to answer a little question... (Oh, sorry for my English, I'm learning it, but it's too dificult for me ) What days are you coming here and when are you going to come to each park? I'd like to meet some TPR members, say hello and bye, ask you if are you enjoying the day... Typical things. So if anybody could write here the days, I'd be very pleased. See you, thank you, and sorry for my English again!
  16. I've not tried lots of Dark Rides, but I think the best are: -The Labyrinth of the Minotaur(Terra Mítica, Spain) -Challenge of Tuthankamon(Wailibi Belgium) -Phantom Manor(Disneyland Park, France) -Droomvlutch(De Efteling, Holland) -the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman(IoA, USA) See you!
  17. Hmmm... The best Stunt Show I've ever seen is Red Beard, in Terra Mítica. If you understand Spanish this show is perfect, because of its history, its dialogue and its scenary(A ship, a little village and a mountain). I really enjoy this show! FiestAventura at PortAventura Park is a very good Night Show with a fantastic music and China Town (PortAventura Park) is too a good show. Apart from Spain, Moteurs... Action!(WDS) is a very good show, a bit boring but with incredible scenes. I enjoyed Cinémagique too, I loved that show. I haven't seen any show out of Europe, so I'm not going to say nothing.
  18. I didn't say that The Flight looks more amazing than Hurakan Condor. Hurakan Condor LOOKS more amazing, but it's(for me) the worst Intamin ride I've ever tried... The Flight doesn't look amazing, but the airtime is incredible
  19. I visited Terra Mítica with a friend Thursday 12th April, and I want to show you my photos. The park is simply fantastic. The SLC is incredible, I can't believe that a Vekoma SLC is smooth Magnus Colossus... Well, I rode it in November, and now it's better, Terra Mítica has taken the train to the Intamin factory, and now it isn't so rude like a few months ago, it's rude, but not too much. The Flight of the Phoenix(Intamin 60mts. Free Fall) is, for me, the best Free Fall I've ever ridden. PE, in Hurakan Condor I only feel the velocity, but in TFOTP I feel a lot of airtime, a special and unic airtime. I don't know why, but I feel more airtime in The Flight than in Hurakan Condor... About the rest of the rides, well, the water rides are very good, with a 20mts. height Log Flume(Falls of the Nile), a typical and well themed(with a lot of chewing gums ) Splash(Tryton's Fury), and a very good rapids, with a section with falls that enter into the boat(Argos' Rapids). 2 Dark Rides, The Labyrinth of the Minotaur, with Sally's signature; and other with a very strange(but interesting)mix of Rapids and Dark Ride. A lot of kiddie and Family rides, a boring and bad simulator(inside a enormous and very real Parthenon), and some animations and shows very interestings, with Red Beard, a fantastic Pirates Stunt Show, and Tarantela, a show with the Style of Cirque du Soleil, but with Roman theming and a shorter showtime(about 30 minutes). Animations with Espartans, Cavaliers, Bold Pirates, and a very interesting Gladiators' Fight in front of the Circus Màximus. I really liked the park, and I hope to go again in a few weeks. And now, the photos. I hope you like them! See you Egypt! Red Beard's theatre when the show is finished. Vekoma is here! MuaHaHaHaHa!!! YAAAAAARGH! My ship!!! BOOOM! Come here baby! YAAAARGH! He's going to cut my neck!! Red Beard Show!! My Favourite animatronic! LOL Inside Ulysses' Rescue. "Achiles was here" Amazing theming in Ulysses' Rescue. A view of "The Islands" zone. Brave Train's entrance. This family coaster will be closed this summer... The Black Knight's dead in "The Tournment" show. More black Knight(But now he's alive)... And more... Iberia's Zone, my favourite zone of any park. Oh! A church! I can see a SLC from my garden! And from my window! Iberia's amazing theming. More amazing theming... Are we in Morocco? Some ancient Caesars with Tizona's hearthline at the end. The Flight of the Phoenix! I just love this Free Fall! Detail of the awesome theming in Magnus Colossus pre-entrance. And more... And More Circus Màximus and Via Apia(the red building) Going into Magnus Colossus. The Achropolis The Labyrinth of the Minotaur station. Keops' Pyramid seen from Greece. Another god at Pyramid's entrance. The obelisk in detail. The bank of the River Nile. An Egyptian God. The new rides weren't working(they're not build...)
  20. Coastermaniac, I thought it was clear that is the best Daytime show, with Nightshows we could do another poll, FiestAventura, Wishes, La Puerta deL Tiempo...
  21. I haven't visit so many parks, but with videos and photos I thik the best shows are... RedBeard-Barbarroja(Terra Mítica), Arachnomé(Phantasialand), Tarzan the Encounter(DLP), Moteurs... Action!(WDS), ChinaTown(PortAventura), Sprookjeshow(De Efteling), Scuola di Polizia(Mirabilandia), Batman Begins(Parque Warner Madrid), Main Basse Sur la Joconde(Parc Astérix) and Die Gladiatoren Kommen(Europa Park) I don't know if all the shows are already active but they were all fantastic shows... They're not in order, but I've to try the best show, maybe I'll choose Red Beard, the combination of the ship, the water, the mountain, the town, the fantastic theatre, the fantastic sound, the OST and the actors is simply perfect
  22. Here you have Terra Mítica's 2007 Spot: I think it's a very good spot, better than PortAventura's and Parque Warner's(Same as 2006) and with a very good combination fire/clouds. My congratulates for Terra Mítica Marketing Departament!
  23. Photos courtesy of Cíclope, posted in CAPTE.org: INFINNITO: INFERNO: We knew that Terra Mítica was going to add two new rides for this year, but they're not going to be two... They're going to be THREE! "Caballo de Troya", the ones who made almost all Terra Mítica's theming are building a PaintBall inside Keops' Pyramid. Photo: It'll be about 900 m2 of space and it'll open in a few weeks. The ride will be operative in the normal park timetable, and in the "Egyptian Nights". It'll cost about 6/9€ and its name'll be "La Batalla de la Pirámide"(The Pyramid Battle). Terra Mítica this year is really going very good, 2 new shows, 3 new rides, and in Summer some more animations and bars will open.
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