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Favorite Dark Ride

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Some of my faves are:


Ghost trains:

Knoebels haunted mansion

Brighton pier ghost train (cheesy but good)

Brean terror castle (some genuine scares)

Alton towers haunted house (boo to duel)

Blackpools ghost train

Bakken's ghost train



All the ones ad WDW anbd DLP

Darkastle and spiderman

Gold mine (Formerly blackpool - hope the wallace and gromit ride is a worthy successor)

Brer rabbits burrow - oakwood - disgustingness at it's most childish!


boat rides:

POTC - paris

River caves - Blackpool

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I have quite a few favorites, but two absolute best dark rides.


1. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Tokyo Disneyland

2. Hollywood Tour - Phantasialand


Honorable Mention:

iCorsari - Gardaland

All the dark rides in Europa Park, Phantasialand, and Efteling.

Disney's Pirates and Haunted Mansions.

Defunct Zombie Paradise at LaQua.

*I forgot Spaceship Earth and the Great Movie Ride!

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I also have a number of favorites.


Indiana Jones Adventure at DL

Pirates at DL

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Harry Potter at IOA

Transformers at USH

Radiator Springs Racers at DCA

Tower of Terror at DHS

Calico Mine Ride at Knott's



In regards to what makes a dark ride, I agree with what was said on the last page, it comes down to controlled environment. Everything from sound and lighting is controlled. Jungle Cruise I would not consider a dark ride. Some rides can be hybrids like Alice in Wonderland where there are dark ride sections along with outdoor sections, these overall I would still call a dark ride. Test Track and Radiator Springs Racers would be another example (Test Track I'm sure would be on this list for me too if I could ever manage to make it on the damn thing).

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Probably my favorite is Journey at Tokyo Disney Sea. Kind of hard to neat the theming on that one.


That one is tough to beat. I think I would make Universal's Spider-man rides the runner up here.

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For me, the top five dark rides are Journey at TDS, Pooh at TDL, Spider-man at Universal Orlando, Haunted Mansion at MK, and Men in Black at Universal Orlando. They're all great for different reasons.

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My top 5 non-coaster/non-log Flume dark rides.


1. Spider-Man (IOA)

2. TOT (DHS)

3. Transformers

4. Indiana Jones (DLR)

5. MIB


My next 5 would be POTC (DLR), Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur, Star Tours, and Forbidden Journey.


Honorable mention: The Great Movie Ride, Terminator, DarKastle, and Carousel of Progress.

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At the moment it's Pooh's Honey Hunt. I knew what the ride did, but experiencing was still jaw dropping. It was so much fun!


Having (used to) do musical theatre for a decade or so, I always loved to find out

what was "behind the scenes" of anything like theatre, or Disney attractions.

And of course I would still enjoy the total experience of the attraction. Easy!


That said, my current dark ride fave is still (surprise) that massive faerie one

at Efteling? The dioramas are amazing and so subtle and intricate, and then there's

that helix-around the forest, in the 'finale' of the attraction.


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^ For myself Chuck, their suspended ride cars literally felt

like the old ride vehicles they had for the original

Horizons Pavilion at EPCOT.


Only more spaced apart, heh heh.

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Here is mine. I separated new and old since I don't think it's fair to compare the two.


New School


1. Mystic Manor (HKDL) A great use of the trackless technology and a great story line with a amazing ending.

2. Winnie The Pooh (TDL) Another trackless ride with some really fun scenes.

3. Spiderman (IOA)

4. Transformers (USS)

5. Men In Black (USO)


Old School


1. Haunted Mansion (Knoebels)

2. Old Mill (Playland Rye)

3. Wacky Shack (Waldameer)

4. Den of Lost Thieves (Indiana Beach)

5. Flooded Mine (SDC)

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