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Yeah Scream right now is rough, and I think needs a revamp. But I don't think that SFMM is going to get a brand new B and M. They have a floorless, standup, flyer, hyper(not a B&M), and an invert.They don't have a dive machine though, that would sure be interesting. I know Alton Towers, SFMM nad a few other parks are getting something. But strangely on RCDB there is nothing about a new Carowinds coaster...Interesting

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I thought Shapiro said that they were getting "another roller coaster," but nonetheless, a revamp to Scream would still be cool, considering it's so bland. It's just strange that they would do it again so recently after X's revamp.

That doesn't matter b/c they considered Bizarro "all new." (Oh, and for the record, I was kidding about SFMM getting a Bizarro. It would still be pretty cool though.)

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Scream getting a revamp. I want those parking lot strips redone!


But Scream isn't a ride I would put $10 million into, I would put the $10 million into a ride that is popular, like with the other SF transformations they did X, Ride of Steel, and Medusa. Why waste money on a ride that is basically not even there.

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^^^Medusa at SFGAdv was not very popular. The ride had shorter wait times and even opened later than the rest of the park. Six Flags was brilliant in retheming it as many guests think it is a new ride or just want to experience the the new features.


By retheming Scream it would potentially make it more popular and some GP might actually think it's a new ride.

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^ I rode it not too long ago and didn't think it was bad at all---at least no more rattly than normal. Personally, I like it and couldn't care less about the whole parking lot thing. Perhaps in a future season they could do a retheme, but there are too many more things that have priority right now.



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Are the yellow tracks, replacement for scream?


I guess that this thread will change into a poll:


What is the color of the next mistrious B&M track?


- Green

- Blue

- Purple

- Pink


Lol... Sorry I´ve drinked too much coffe.

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