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Track Spottings!

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Hey everyone!


Today I got a very interesting email from a TPR reader. Seems there is some yellow track sitting outside the B&M plant in Ohio, but no one knows exactly what this could be or for what park.


Have a look at the pictures below and see if anyone has some ideas....


Here is the email I got:


Hey TPR,


I was strolling by the B&M Plant and was quick to my camera when I saw LOTS of yellow B&M track sitting out front.


I was not aware of any new B&M's being built for the 2009 season besides, Diamondback, Manta, and that Dive Coaster. So I'm a bit confused as to where this track may be going.


So maybe this is new track for 2010 season??


I have LOTS of pics to share with you and you can put them on your site to see if anyone has details as to where these pieces might be going.

Judging by the pics, it looks like there are some inversion pieces.





Hmm...any guesses?




ADMIN EDIT: The Mysterious Yellow B&M ended up going to Ocean Park in China to be built as the floorless coaster, Hair Raiser. To see more on this coaster and other aspects of Ocean Park, visit the Ocean Park Discussion Thread!


It sure is a mystery!


Who is "X-WORKS?!?!?"


What park could this be for?


What kind of coaster could this be?


The Mysterious Yellow B&M

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Interesting. The track looks too small to be a dive machine, but I don't know about a flyer. This may be a basic sit-down or floorless coaster and somehow the track makes me think that the coaster will have an insect-like name like Hornet.

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this in united states why would it go to another country. this is some park in america




maybe its for disney




Manta is the best for 2009

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Oh man, I've got so many hopes for this track, and yet none of them come anywhere close to being realistic. (SDC was originally supposed to get a coaster in 2009, right? )


Very few parks in the U.S. are in a position to buy B&M right now, and even if someone did, their order probably wouldn't be started on this early. I agree with Airtime&Gravity - this is pretty surely headed to China where the main demand is right now.

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Does Diamondback have all of its parts? Maybe they are transfer tracks or something?



First of all Diamondback has had it's transfer track since August (It was one of the first pieces of tracks to go up.) Second, why would it be yellow? Thirdly, the track is too small anyways. Fourthly, those track pieces are banked and curved... And lastly, if that was for Diamondback (which it ISN'T) Why would it just be out of the plant?


I like the idea of an Australian Park getting a B&M, even though Dreamworld just got a coaster for 2007, it's not too early to get one, but Movie World is in more need for a new coaster since they haven't gotten one since 2005.

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Dreamworld Usually Opens rides in September/October for the Upcoming Summer. Considering Dreamworld seems to release one every 3 years. 2007 Being the last - 2010 seems logical. But Movie world would probably get it. But they did get Batwing in 07? And Seaworld just got Jet Rescue. So i dont know. But either way. Dreamworld and Movie world are 10 Minutes away. So Either way. Im Happy whoever gets a B&M First.



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There is a Dive Machine listed as unknown for Happy Valley in Shanghai on rcdb, that one maybe?


I doubt it would be for Australia, as good as that would be but you never know. I'm also wondering if they would fabricate the track in Australia given we are a major steel producer, I think they may have in the past.


I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Maybe it's the B & M Hyper for King's Dominion but I think that was wishful thinking on the part of people who should know better and also realise people aren't as stupid as they think.

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^^I don't see how this could be a Dive Machine given the size of the track. Who knows where it could be going. Chimelong Paradise perhaps?


I also agree that it is unlikely that this would be going to Australia. From what I have heard, neither of those two major parks get enough attendance to justify the cost of a large B&M. Who knows though. Movie World with a B&M would be awesome!

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