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Track Spottings!

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Only red track pieces are on site!


And now more questions:


Where are the yellow tracks?


The red track is for... ???


The new brown oxidated track pieces are for a new themed coaster?


When we will see the green, blue orange, purple, and pink tracks?


Who knows...

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^^Uh, the brown track pieces are just waiting to be painted. They won't be assembled in that condition. They'll be sand-blasted smooth, primed, and painted before being shipped off. Same with the supports.


It doesn't look like the yellow track pieces are there anymore, so it would appear as if they've been shipped off. To where, through, I don't know.



^Some of those support pieces are big enough to be loop supports, or they could just simply be the part that attached to the top of the lift or one of the hills. It's hard to tell for sure.

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If you had clicked through to my post to another board you would have seen that I said the yellow coaster, which was the one marked X-WORKS is gone. Where? I don't know.


I know I sound like a 'fanboy' but I really think the track is going to Carowinds for their hyper, they been doing a ton of work to the former log flume area as well as the parking lot.. and all signs so far point to a large B&M.


Also the webmaster of Carowinds Connection had an interesting take on the customer name, but I would need to find more labels to confirm.



MC=Mega Coaster


A = Apollo's Chariot

B = Raging Bull

C = Nitro

D = Silver Star

E = Goliath

F = Goliath

G = Hollywood Dream

H = Behemoth

I = Diamondback

J = ?????????????


09 = 2009

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Interesting fact , when you talk X-works. It also means the buyer is responsible for transport, also responsible for taxes and all exchanges between company and buyer. I can't believe I misplaced this fact during a convention. Perhaps it has relivance perhaps not but its interesting to maybe point out for the yellow track perhaps the buyer wanted to transport it themselves. X-works is a business term for self transportation of product. Bugatti uses the term alot on thier cars you can look at in a Bugatti/VW dealership.

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Mark Shapiro did say that SFMM was getting a new coaster for 2010...doubtful that they'd get something as pricy as a B&M right after getting Terminator this year, but you never know...


SFMM already has goliath so they wouldn't need to add another hyper to the park.

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^^CP could've said the same thing about Millienium Force. (and IMO they should've) I'm not going to rule out MM as a contender, but I have reason to believe MM will get a revamp on an existing ride in 2010 rather than a new coaster, so it's a low possibility.


I like the idea of Carowinds getting a stellar coaster of this scale. If this park needs something, it's a new and unique coaster.

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^ I think it's supposed to be Scream since it doesn't have any current theming and they could copy and paste the same stuff they did for Great Adventure's Medusa to Bizaro changeover or whatev since it's basically the same layout.

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