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  1. ^But they still could be making an announcement they have to eventually
  2. Announcement set for tomorrow! On CP's twitter site it says .09 .03 .09 .09:10 so announcement tomorrow at 9:10
  3. But with that one frame that says "There's firs burnin' all night long." does that mean a water shooter as a possiblity?
  4. Oh that's why...thanks for the info. I was actually kinda glad because i'm not a huge fan of Alpengeist
  5. I really like Evenoss by coasteraddict http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KisAY6xfAPU
  6. yeah when i went in july Griffon opened then..no Alpengeist was closed for the new seatbelt thing i think?...then BBW and Apollo's Chariot
  7. Ah all that matters to me is if my feet are above my head...that's still technically being 'inverted'
  8. Nah the best steel coaster has yet to be found...except for the golden ticket people. I'm hoping I305 will give me something to actually seriously SCREAM about...my first time on Griffon, MF, and some other one i forgot ( ) made me look over the first drop and keep saying "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" and i'm sure this ride will DEFF do that! That first drop looks so amazing but i still don't get why they have the drop in the middle of nowhere not visible to the public coming to the attraction....oh well. Do i put my hands up on this 85* 300ft. drop? - Yet to be decided....at the top of the ride on my first time i'll figure it out
  9. But you could still have a floorless car on a hyper you'd have to do the seating like on Apollo's Chariot and Nitro and then have the lap bar attached to the (tiny) floor. There probably wouldn't be a zero car but i don't know why they would want one - block the view. But even on Apollo's Chariot the way you sit your feet don't touch the floor...
  10. To be - Big Bad Wolf The wild mouse at BGE that got moved to BGA...that's it. I have never been on a coaster that has gotten removed, ever.
  11. Yeah the hammerhead turn is technically an inversion in my opinion because the track is tilted over 90degrees putting you somewhat upside-down even though you don't notice it on the ride...
  12. Ah well you right we will know in 3 hours and 18 minutes...but who knows what the logo will be and the size! It's coming soon!!!!!
  13. Only 3 hours and 33 minutes to go! Yeah that logo does look like something in mustard but it really doesn't give an idea of the theme does it? I can't tell by the way the track goes but i'm sure it will have lots of airtime!!
  14. Oh that'd be so cool! I don't care that'd I'd die on it, because I'd be dying happily...
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