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  1. While I'm pretty sure it´s an aprils fools prank I actually think it's a cool idea
  2. Thanks! I have Lion installed but haven't used NL for a while so I had no idea if it did work. Just hope NL2 is released for Mac not very much longer after the windows version
  3. Really? I didn't know that, now I just want it even more
  4. Even though the scenery interacts with the ride in a cool way, I don't think you will be able to notice it in that in-line twist at all because the tower is exactly below the track. Reminds me of the way Tatsu goes around the tower, everyone thought it would be awesome, but when you ride, you just don't notice it.
  5. That wood looks soooooo good on those trains, gives them an old-classic look. Good to see BGT improving a good classic.
  6. Thanks for the update. The colors of Superman are awesome!, but the Apocalypse sign is SO bad, I could do that in ms Word in a couple of minutes, don't know why they didn't try harder.
  7. At first I didn't really like the red rails, but now I actually think it looks great! Thanks for the updates.
  8. What amazes me the most is not the steepness of the hill but how long the crest is, it will surely give some nice long airtime.
  9. I'm pretty sure Intamin didn't decided the support theming either, it was very probably suggested by Busch.
  10. I find it amazing how they managed to turn something as mundane as supports and make it part of the theming.
  11. 5 pages of discusion about how terrible the OTSR's are here we go....
  12. You were also at Baniyas Children's Park, because searching for an outdoors red coaster in RCDB I only found one, too large to match the one in the picture, BUT there was one that had no pictures, and after searching for the park in google maps, I saw the coaster (very blurry BTW) in it.
  13. You were in the Abu Dhabi Mall Pizza Hut. I went in the pizza hut website, into UAE locations. There are 10 locations in Abu Dhabi, only 7 of them offer dine-in option, and in the picture you are clearly dining in. In the picture you can see you are clearly in a mall, and all of the 7 locations are in the street, except for 2. One is in the Abu Dhabi Mall, and after visiting it's site, the architecture and window style match that of the picture.
  14. @Croniq. I think all of us feel intimidated by your awesome searching abilities.
  15. You are in Abu Dhabi because. The first building is the burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai which is just 119km from Abu Dhabi. The second building is the Burj Al Arab, a seven star hotel, (ps. good luck staying there for a TPR trip as the night starts at 1000 USD.) The big cirle-building is the Aldar Headquarters, located in Abu Dhabi. The "bizarre" building is the Capital Gate, located also in Abu Dhabi. The "shark coaster" is located in Fun City in Abu Dhabi, according to the always reliable RCDB. The red coaster is called "Roller Coaster", located in Sparky's Family Fun Center in Abu Dhabi, a quick search in RCDB of parks in Abu Dhabi, and after looking at the pictures, it is the only red roller coaster in the region, and the colors of the train fit. I rest my case.
  16. For me it looks like a 0g roll that didn't have the guts to make it trough...
  17. Remember that on that turn the G's are positive, so the force applied to the structure goes "out", so it does't have to carry the weight.
  18. OMG! I can only picture those awesome trains going through that awesome turn
  19. I personally don't mind if they add LIMs, LSMs, rocket thrusts or even Piers pushing the car, as long as it gets to the top again.
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