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  1. Of course they do, you have to start somewhere, you don't wake up one day and say "hey I'm going to start a coaster company"
  2. Unfortunately no, I read it over a year ago and I really can't remember where it was, the link is definitely on the site, so if anyone finds it it will be appreciated
  3. B&M know's how to handle speed, I remember in an interview when Walter Bolliger stated that "humans don't perceive speed unless it changes" in a question about coaster speed. They really know how to do it, and the Batman clones are a great example of that.
  4. The trains would also need to be new, because I don't think the current ones are capable of performing turns....
  5. Something tells me Robb knows exactly what's happening..... Tell us Robb!! can't wait
  6. Great, great ride, didn't disappoint at all Specially loved the way you performed the flatspin, the first drop was very nice awesome ride overall Keep it up!!
  7. Huh? How do you figure the capacity on a B&M stand up is any different than a B&M floorless? If you want to talk capacity issues, then you should be finding fault with the flyers. RRv, Georgia Scorcher, & Chang all pretty much chew through the same amount of PPH that Scream, Kraken, and Hydra do. The flyers, even with the split station still seem to take way too long to dispatch trains. Now, I haven't been on Manta at Sea World yet, but I know that MM still struggles with capacity issues on Tatsu. If this thing loads similar to Baco, then I foresee capacity probably being roughly the same as most B&M stand ups or floorless. If it loads from both sides like X, I foresee a handful of capacity issues. Time will tell as we get more details on the ride. Guy "Regardless, I'm excited to see B&M moving in a new direction." Koepp I have to disagree with this.... When I wen't to SFMM RR was loading and unloading slower than Goliath, Scream and even B:TR, this was mostly because of the passengers and not because of the crew.
  8. Stand-up coasters do change the ride experience, the reason they stopped building them is because their capacity sucks.
  9. Nice to see B&M putting their genius into other stuff Can't wait!!
  10. Excuse me for the dumb question, but, are they changing only the track or the supports too?? and are they altering the layout??
  11. great work. Smooth, great pacing, awesome forces. Congratulations!
  12. 4rturo

    Kings Island

    Thanks very much!!
  13. Couldn't agree more, you should definitely get the $30 one
  14. 4rturo

    Kings Island

    Hi, I'm going to Fort Mitchell from May 8th to 15th for a dog show, and I really want to go to Kings Island, my question is, as I will probably not have a car, which is the best and, or, cheapest way to get to the park? I know taxis are an option, but I think it would be quite expensive. Thanks for your help and time
  15. Thanks very much! every hill except one has -1g
  16. Stats. Height. 32m Length. 1,005m Trains. 2 Pics. Download MegaLite.nltrack Please comment and tell me what you think!
  17. I'm stunned. Amazing work, great scenery, good managing of forces. Simply superb. PS. Found the egg!!
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