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  1. Ole has not announced a release date yet. I´m not sure as I have not had the chance to play with it . And the most logic thing is that it will be extra.
  2. Doesn't After Burn have a Bat Wing? And is a Wing Over the same thing as a Cork Screw? Yes to both. Wing over is just how BM call their inverted corkscrews.
  3. The 4th image really impresed me, it looks like a profesional promo video for a real coaster. Nice
  4. Wow this is far more insane than I thought, I can see it has LOTS of double ups and downs. Great!!
  5. I was surprised to learn it will only have two inversions. I'm not complaining, I trust B&M too much to do that Can't wait!
  6. They sure had some reliability issues with flyers, but B&M is still one of the most reliable companies in the industry, that's why they are more conservative with their designs, so I think they will do great!
  7. That inversion looks like if a corkscrew hooked up with a 0g roll. INSANE!! Love this, can't wait to see more
  8. Ride revolution and when you exit you will find you skipped a big climb and end near tatsu
  9. So that's what we're calling it now. Yeah, yeah. How do you take your tea honey? With sugar and cream? Yeah, I can hook you up with that. Crumpets? Yeah, I got crumpets. You want me to butter that for ya? The Iraq occupation? I'll occupy whatever you want? What about the economy? I got a stimulus package for ya. Guy "I would have them over for tea to discuss current events too." Koepp Hahaha You just made my day
  10. From what I understand of the entire project the park was never designed to bring in huge numbers. It fulfilled the high quality family entertainment zone Sentosa needed to also be allowed to build a money making casino right next to the park. Very true. That is why every zone has a family-friendly attraction. The star attraction of Resorts World Sentosa is, in reality, the Casino. As a local, I'm curious about the park's long term plan, as there isn't much (or any) space to expand. The park is surrounded by the main road that serves the whole island (although this brought about some interesting details about the park design, like for Jurassic Park Rapids - the vegetation outside blends in nicely with the ride's "set" and the waterfalls form the park's berm) 4rturo, I've only been to the park once when it's "sold out" in June, but it got quite crazy, especially when a lot of rides went down together [Once, the entire stretch from Sci-Fi City to Jurassic park!]. There were reports of wait-time up to more than 2 hours and hour-long for F&B. Thanks for the info!! I thought this park was indeed designed to attract big quantities of people and was kinda sad that this wasn't happening, specially for a famous chain like Universal Good to know this is not true.
  11. ^Oh that's good, it would be sad to see this park fail and close.
  12. All the pictures I've seen of the park show it empty. Is the park really bringing in guests?
  13. I actually would rather have my legs in a fixed space and not trowed around like in X, it's kinda uncomfortable specially after the 2nd raven turn. But this is B&M so this coaster ought to be waaaaaaay smoother so you never know.....
  14. I hope this means they take the dust of from arrow's designs and revive them
  15. That has to be by far the sexiest coaster train EVER!! I mean really, that it the most awesome thing ever, it's so texas
  16. Great Update!! thanks. It seems BM have modified their brake track spine
  17. Yeah, it's nice to see companies trusting Intamin again, SF seems to be doing so too and I think it's great
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