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  1. What happens if you don't have enough posts and still ask for a custom title?? just wondering....
  2. Loved it, smooth, great pace, and the g's are correct. The only think I didn't like was the bottom of the firs drop, it was weirdly shaped, other than that Amazing!!!!
  3. LoL, I am enjoying this updates as no other TPR trip ones before!! Glad you are having fun in Mexico
  4. Yep. That's why the AHG is my best friend, it does all the hard work
  5. Wow, great, fun coaster!! Smooth, and great support work!! Keep them coming
  6. Actually they are flat at the top, but it's because of the heartline, I just use the AHG, it gets it right every time
  7. Looking good as always I would like to ride it though Why don't jus stick with the prefab supports?? I think they look decent, plus they are quick :]
  8. And inverted boomerangs had been done before, just not in that scale yet drove vekoma to bankruptcy..... I do think it will be a mechanical nightmare
  9. How about improving rides with no theming at all? (cough) scream (cough)
  10. I'm guessing it's just marketing With Alton you never now though....
  11. Wow that sounds like fun. WCB announced before 2010's attraction, MM is officially making an new deadline record here.... Hope it's not much longer!
  12. WoW!!! That was great!! Very smooth, great pace, just tunnel check it because a palm hit me in the face Great job!!
  13. Sure, make a ride based in Intamin's super-reliable never-snapping cables
  14. ⁰o⁰ OMG this is just great! Love the station and the helix Can't wait
  15. Hi all, for some reason I just can't download files from TPR anymore When I click on a file, I just get a new window with symbols and letters Any help??
  16. If that's the case let me start booking my flight to england....
  17. I have to disagree with most of you. Goliath's helix is much more forceful than Tatsu's pretzel, I blacked out every time in Goliath, but never in Tatsu. Both great rides though....
  18. The layout has already been posted. I know it has not been confirmed, but it starts to make more and more sense
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