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  1. ^ Thanks, I noticed the thing on the corckscrew too, I just couldn't fix it even thow I tried =S
  2. Well I sure hope that's how the water looks Its sooooo sexy!!
  3. If you check the webcam, it a train is stuck between the lift and the station...
  4. After taking a closer look at the trains, is it just me, or did B&M do some re-designing on the flyer trains??
  5. Man! Those new trains sure look awesome, they are by far the most stylish flyer trains B&M has ever made, it seems they tried to hide mechanical components and the result is just beautiful!! Hope B&M continues making trains that are personalized for each coaster, like diamondback's, or these.
  6. Those trains look so insane!! Specially because the snake has no eyes hope they put them on though
  7. Does that mean I'm the winner?? Please finish!!! I don't want to win that easily
  8. OMG!! Those are some sexy trains!! I really can't wait to ride it. Just hope the line is not too long when I go there in May. Anyone knows if B&M hyper's lines move fast?
  9. Some comments: Make the bottom of the 1st drop smoother, not so abrupt Add some banking on the cobra roll, in the middle part of the half-loops (hope I'm explaining myself) Add more banking in the turn before entering the brakes. Reshape your loop so that it has a teardrop shape And as said before do not make the helix so flat. Hope that isn't much
  10. I guess I can have some fun, so sign me in please!! PS. I don't see any yellow boxes. they're all red!! and the pink area is actually quite reddish to me LOL JK Just a fast question, It doesn't have to have a tunnel does it??
  11. What I meant was that not because a piece has the number 62, means that it will be the 62nd piece to be installed Edit: ^ Actually it does say DM, in the "DESC" part, in tiny letters
  12. "Like Track Element 62, meaning it's the 62nd piece when putting it together" bgeguy That can't be it because: "The final three pieces of track are expected to be installed early next week. Pieces #119 and #120 will be placed after the second helix heading into the splashdown with piece #129 going in just before the breakrun heading into the station" KI This means that the pieces are not installed in that kind of order, unless KI likes to disobey the rules!!
  13. If you consider several hundred thousand dollars a small discount, then yes.
  14. ^^ Wow, that's clever, never had thought that But then the question comes again about the "L" in the floorless coaster, maybe B&M didn't started using the DM and SC abbreviations until some years later, or maybe how Robb says, it's because it's part of the lift. Time will tell.....
  15. Maybe the long-time rumored dueling flyers for CP?? Let's hope
  16. I just came up with this, why can't it be a 4D coaster with a launch?? It would be really exciting, and the new trains S&S made for X2 are great, maybe they came up with a new loading-unloading system to increase capacity. Who knows, I'll pray
  17. don't you mean "same" direction I just hope that it's a B&M prototype
  18. Yes it looks kinda weird, but remember its not about how it looks but about how it feels and how smooth it is
  19. Does Behemoth have 0g hills, or does it have negative Gs? Just wondering because the hills on both coasters look very similar
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