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  1. Track looks great. I just hope supports look as nice, they are the one thing I never liked in nl1, right now if you want realistic supports you have to spend more time on them than on the actual coaster. I'm sure Ole won't disappoint
  2. They survived GIBs, hope they can surivive this one too.... God have mercy on vekoma...
  3. bummer. hope they fix it fast. Any clues on what the problem is?
  4. Dude, awesome again. How tall and long is this coaster? looks insane Keep it up!
  5. Wow, very nice and elaborate TR. Congrats and thanks for posting it. Great to see the park looks like a nice fun place!!.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the pics. Any news on how the Rita re theme is going?
  7. Man you definetly have skills Too bad newton and I don't get along very well. Keep it up!!
  8. WOW, that is simply amazing!! congratulations, you have a lot of patience to do that
  9. I know, that's why I say that even if it comes with the press release, it doesn't mean it will make it to the final cut.
  10. It doesn't say it is oficial, and with coaster announcements you sometimes can't even take serious what the company says. Remember x2? The press release said it would have tunnels, and showed a render of black trains with fiberglas, it never happened.... Not blaming SF here, but remember you have to be careful with speculation
  11. Remember that it is not a render of the actual coaster, it might just be a render S&S uses to show the 4D concept We'll just have to wait....
  12. Like it very much, I would just have wanted it to spin more, but thereĀ“s nothing you can do about it. Keep them coming!!
  13. 1 hour straight on Air!!!??? Whoa that sounds fun, if anyone from TPR goes for it, please post here!!
  14. Because there are more phone numbers than zip codes. Does everyone see colors the same way??
  15. ROFL that has to be one of the funniest videos ever!!! I might even fly to england just to watch this video in the queue
  16. Wow, that near collision is going to be awesome, especially in the red side, looks like red will be better than blue again
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