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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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I wonder how the queue line is

going to be, because there is hardly any room for it! =p

Also, do you guys think they are going to theme everything?

Based on the animation video, the queue will run between the sweeping right turn and the following left-turn helix. It'll go underneath a small airtime hill and have switchbacks inside the sweeping turn. From there it'll meander it's way to the station.


But then again, that's based on the animation. Which doesn't show much in the way of theming, for what it's worth.


Regardless, this looks like it'll be a great ride with a solid punch.


The video shows a plaza-style area just outside the footprint as well. The blue is my best guess as to where the return path will be.

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^ If that is indeed the case, I like it. Putting the queue inside the structure not only makes efficient use of what would otherwise be dead space, but being in the middle of the action will build excitement.


As much as Psyclone sucked, at least its exit ramp going down through the structure was cool. You got a great view of the ride in action, and a front seat to all the riders' bones cracking!



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"It's also going to cover the slab..." (themeparkman25)


I don't think the slab will be any more of an issue than the old parking lot under Colossus and Goliath is. Honestly, I hope people riding Terminator will be focused on enjoying their ride rather than thinking, "Why didn't they do something about the concrete?"



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I, as is the consensus it seems, am amazed at how fast the ride is being put together. I'm actually at this point looking most forward to seeing what happens with that back section of the park. I know we're all hoping for some elaborate rethemeing, but with all things considered part of me expects the theme for the ride to begin at the entrance of the ride, and not really extend out to the former Cyclone Bay area. We will see soon enough on that matter.

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i thinks the construction was very fast.

Maybe it'll ready for test run in 1 or 2 months




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February 21st Update!


Mr. Six is BACK!!! That's right! Today's update starts with something more important than Terminator...the return of the old dancing guy and I have to say I'm glad to have him back!


Anyway, on to some Terminator photos! It's a Saturday and these guys never get a day off...it's because they are ROBOTS! Duh!


You wanted sexy curves? You got 'em!


The bottom of the structure sure looks dense! I guess it needs to be with the California earthquakes.


These two sections keep looking better and better.


More Terminators hard at work.


You can easily spot the Terminators since they all wear bright orange vests!




Here you can see the new bridge that will be the rides entrance is starting to get worked on.


And another look at the future bridge.


And OMG! Another look at the future bridge!


Yeah, I know we've seen this before, but doesn't it look better closer up?


We see you Mr. First Drop getting installed!


Here's a good overview of the progress this week.


Mud...why did it have to be mud?


I think by West Coast Bash the ride will almost be done!


This Terminator update, along with the Bryan and Adam Show is brought to you by delicious, refreshing, tasty, and fizzy Coca-Cola.




You can see a lot more of the first drop has gone up since last week.


Popsicle Sticky Sticks.


Hello Goliath Sign!


Don't try to hide! We see you behind Deja Vu!


The new entrance area from the Sky Tower.


Across from the Deja Vu entrance is the new Johnny Rockets Snakes & Pies! Sorry, I mean Shakes and Fries.


Thrill Shot was running today!


Look! Dueling Arrows!


Rapids is still down for the count. Looks like a lot of work is being done.


The boats wait patiently to go back home.


TPR Member Sighting! Crazy4Coasters and Itnotfair. And no, they aren't the cute couple as they look like here, they just both happened to be at the park at the same time!


Jeff was also here doing his "I look older than dirt" impression.


We also got a sneak peek inside the new Cold Stone at the front of the park.


This location will have mix-ins just like all the others!




"I will take Butterfingers and Reese's please!"


Wow! Her and I have something in common. Maybe I should get her number! (BTW, Hi Dino!)


Don't forget to get your 2009 Play Pass!


And if you are local to Six Flags Magic Mountain and want to check out working at the park, stop by the 2009 Job Fair!


And finally, we leave this update with another TPR Caption Contest! The best 10 captions posted will get a TPR Bag-o-Crap! Email your captions to DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


See you next week!



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