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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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I was passing by the park today and saw what I thought to be the lift hill going up (and it was really late when I was driving by it). Have they even started to put up the bents for the lift hill when you were there Robb? because I think my eyes were fooling me.


Edit: The first picture seems to have answered this already.

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"This area is going to look so much better with a GOOD woodie behind it!" (Robb)


Actually, the last woodie was a good one---at first. But time, an earthquake, and heavy trains did it in.


I was out at the park today and was glad to see the progress made since my last visit February 1. The tower was open, so I went up to get a bird's eye view. It's looking nice, and it's hard to believe that we'll be riding it in just over three months!



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It took me a while to get used to it, but I'm really starting to get excited about this now.

And if Cyclone Bay does get renamed, do you guys think the whole area might be rethemed to have something to do with time travel? After all, Deja Vu is right there.

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