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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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I'm a big Terminator from the Netherlands


You're a Terminator?!?!? lol

Damn, typo


"Terminator fan"



Thanks for the info. I got a mail from Sixflags that they don't allow photography or filming on the ride. How did all those other people (like on youtube) film the ride etc?


Do you think it's easy to film in the pre-show rooms?

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Just another question.


1) Does someone know all the lines that are said via the speakers?

I already have a few but know I'm missing a few (plaese correct me if some lines are incorrect):


- Here they come

- It's a warzone (out there?)

- Machines (missing some stuff)

- Take the tunnel

- This is our salvation.


I also think they said something about succesfully escaping the harvester, but I'm not sure if this was said via the car's speakers or so.




2) Is there someone who has a clear recording of these audio lines?

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In order:


"This is our war"


"Here they come!"




[A couple seconds of "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson]


"It's a war zone out here"


"Follow me"


"Take the tunnel!"


"We're holding 'em back"


"The machines!"


"This is our salvation"


[A sort of call-and-response chanting]

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Damn, your guys are good.


Does someone know if there's a clear understandable audio recording of it? I have been looking at youtube videos for clear audio, but it's hard.


It´s: We're holding 'em back (definitely NOT/ There's a hole in the track)




Finally found a good youtube video with better audio

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To have great audio, they should do it like with Disney's rollercoaster with Aerosmith (I have been on the one in Paris). The speakers are located right next to your ears and all the audio is really clear and underestandable.


The issue with the Terminator ride is that a wooden coaster makes a lot of noise, and that makes most of the audio really hard to hear. Also, some of the car have audio issues and don't even play audio (happened to me during my last ride on the Terminator coaster).


But I managed to find all audio lines that are posted in various videos. I might do a mix of the audio when I work on my fandocumentary (I first have to do 2 other documentaries before starting on this one).

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I was able this year to take a second trip to the west coast to check out Terminator. I can say so far it is one of my favorite modern woodies....it short of reminded me of a wooden Batman coaster meaning, fast and intense during the entire ride. I believe Six Flags made the right choice with a good new woodie!

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I loved Psyclone's first drop. It was my favorite for many years. The rest sucked, but I'll miss that twisted first drop. Terminator's looks downright tame in comparison.


Post Earthquake Psyclone was a far cry from what you remember, it was a mixture of this ride is a joke and oh crap this thing is going to collapse

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