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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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Hopefully you guys will get something a lot better and more comfier than Psyclone.


They could have accomplished that goal by simply lining up a few old cement trucks, then tossing in 20 people at time and spinning the mixing drum.

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Holy crap that was seriously one of the best MM trips I've ever had. Laurice and I got on all twelve open coasters (the loading teams were all on point today), got to check out the sky tower for the first time, and I got to meet three famous TPR personalities, all three of whom were very gracious, and one of whom had a boob-related t-shirt. What else could I ask for? Oh yeah, Terminator is looking GCI-licious!


On a side note, I've been pretty hard on SFMM for the condition of their bathrooms in recent history, and I must say they have really stepped up in that department. Like I said, just an awesome day overall.


Pics to come later. Of coasters, not bathrooms.

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Haha you stole my Terminator Pictures! JK they were much better than the crap I took, I was also there today and couldnt get any good pictures of the drop cause deja vu blocked it from almost everywhere. It may sound stalkerish, but did you also spot jahan today?


Here's what I took:

What's that through the trees?

Weird metal things where track will be

What the Terminators leave behind during lunch

Turnaround, I forgot why I took this

Future railing

Some of the first drop, Deja Vu blocked pretty much any view I could get of it

According to Six Flags logic, this is the least fun place in the park

Blurry bent placement due to me taking the pictures with a camcorder

Just a tad bit clearer

Here you can clearly see the first drop

The rest of Terminator's pretty layout, plus stacks of wood on that last turn

There we go, a clear wood placement picture!

I have a gut feeling that this is gonna one of those holy S*** moments

That piece of wood has found its home!

The obligatory sexy new paint job picture

Got wood?

Forklift Porn

I thought I'd be cool getting the first johnny rocket's pictures, but Robb beat me to it

2nd person to get the picture is just as good as the first right?

Nail Gun operator porn

Hooray for the hole in the wall!

Work work work!

I like this picture


That's all for my first ptr, hoped you enjoyed it[/img]

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Great update.


Dose Mr. Six talk?


I wish he did but he was a mute all day. I think the SF employee walking next to him was his own talkbox. And after spending time with Robb and Jeff busting each others chops I knew it was going to be a good day. It was good meeting you Ben (itnotfair) and also seeing our good dear friend Mr. Six (Mike) again. Can't wait for the BASH and for Terminator, now I must stop writing before I drown in my own drool!

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Haha! great update, hurray mr. six & 'popsicle stick' coasters!

I'm wondering about the same thing as STR8FXXXINEDGE;

Is that the real mr. six or just a hired entertainer to walk around the park? It will be such a sad day when the old dancing man finally passes away.

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One thing we can be thankful for is that Six Flags never had that Asian guy running through the parks yelling "MORE FLAGS! MORE FUN!" That would have been annoying. But great to see Mr. Six back and in the parks (I don't think he was in the parks back when he first appeared).


Great to see Terminator progressing. I look forward to the backstage tour of that area at WCB in a month.



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